What is beauty only being tall and fair ?


"Beauty is well defined as the way you represent yourself , intellectual development , your beauty,style ,charm,aura, looks and attitude .
As we all are aware that girls participate in femina miss India and miss diva to represent India at Miss Universe and Miss world.
So the question arises is that why we can't see more Manushi,Lara and Sushmita?
Well the answer is "height" there are plenty of girls who are ambitious , dedicated, talented and hard working who have dream to get one crown and sash in their life and to represent India proudly at   miss universe or miss world ,but due to height criteria they are unable to fulfill this dream and faces problem in their life ,as we know that height or weight is just number it has nothing to do with beauty.
So why don't the organisation abolish or liberalise height criteria.
As the fact average women height is 5.1 and girls of group are more than average women height but less than 5.5 ,so how can 5.5 or above be height limit ?
Scientific research says that height is genetic .
So it has nothing to do with beauty?
Julia Morley founder of Miss World also states  that their is no height criteria for participating in Miss world so why these organisations set a strict criteria for girls?
We girls from different regions like Rajasthan,Assam,Karnataka,Kerala,Delhi and Haryana infact  the whole Indian girls have raised our voice ,its not a problem of state but a country  problem especially for girls who want to fly high,dream big ,dream to get one crown and sash ,want to represent there country at international level. We have use social media to raise our voice against inequality and injustice to girls who are ambitious ,we have made a strong group on social media and have started movement’s like# 5feetformissworld and #5feetformissuniverse to represent not only our problems but problem of every single girl who is facing height issue and is mocked by society , we have been doing different tasks against it like making petition ,contacting to ngos,lawyers,reknowed personalities,social media awareness and other best options to bring change ,we are the voice of each and every girl who dreamt to be beauty queen but her dreams shatter due to height criteria.

We group of girls tried our best to contact reknowed  personalities to take their help like that of lawyera,journalists,media,celebrities and all ,but the fact is everyone is busy with their stuffs to earn money ,like recently we contacted to Sushmita sen’s manager ,he told he can arrange meeting only if we pay something to him without it he can’t . Than we send mail to organisations and whatsapp messages to the organisers but no response, still we will fight and bring change,let the change should come.

Jennifer Andrade from Honduras was not 5.5 or more but she is 5.1 or 5.2 still she wons miss world ,so why height matters in dream .
Height not only shatters dream but limits Indian girls of their weapon of equality.
We say India is diverse country we have equal opportunity irrespective of caste,sex and religion but is it there?
No, equality is only bookish word , nothing else.
Due to height criteria girls intake medicines which disturbs their hormone and equilibrium.
Recently prime minister Narendra Modi has stated that no company can state that it can increase your height or make you fair as colour and height is genetic and it can't change.

See the newspaper of 2019 where all contestants were fair , looking alike and were photoshoped which means that organisation promotes discrimination on basis of colour and height.

These organisations gave excuse that taller girls handle dress elegantly but take example of Ileana D cruz and Malaika Arora aren’t they short?still they carry it elegantly, See the example of Mr Aamir khan ,Neha kakar and many more who outshine in their field irrespective of their short height. I urge Mr Vineet jain and Mrs.Natasha grover to not deprive these girls of their opportunity and to remove or liberalise height criteria.
For this purpose we have started movement #5feetformissworld and #5feetformissuniverse to encourage girls to join us and fullfill their dreams irrespective of colour and height because our motto is

"Let's the girl fly
Like bird in air without
restriction or barrier"

Hope to see change so that more Sushmita, Aishwarya and Manushi can be seen glorifying our country's image .

By: Eshaa  Choudhary


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