Two-year-old child starts Model X, EV climbs on mother, woman files suit against Tesla

Tesla: Two-year-old son started the Tesla Model For this the woman has filed a case against the vehicle manufacturer.

Apr 16, 2024 - 14:50
Two-year-old child starts Model X, EV climbs on mother, woman files suit against Tesla

Many Tesla customers around the world have filed lawsuits against the company. Mallory Harcourt, a woman living in California, has also joined this list. He sued the electric car maker, alleging that the Tesla Model Due to which his two-year-old son started the EV and ran over him. This incident happened at a time when she was pregnant with her second child. Media reports said that this incident happened in 2018 and Harcourt has filed a case against the vehicle manufacturer for this.

The accident reportedly broke the pelvis of the woman, who was then eight-and-a-half months pregnant. And forced her to deliver the child prematurely. While its lawyers have blamed the car manufacturer for design flaws. At the same time, Tesla's lawyers rejected these allegations and accused the woman of negligence. The woman, along with her husband, bought the Tesla Model X primarily because of its alleged safety features, the report said. However, the horrific accident prompted him to rethink his decision to buy an electric car.

Her two-year-old son was found inside the vehicle during the trial. It made contact with the vehicle's brake pedal within the electric vehicle's footwell. It eventually got the car started, according to the lawsuit. Next, the boy touched the gear shift lever, putting the car in drive. Then press the accelerator pedal to propel this all-electric SUV to a top speed of 12 kmph. which was sufficient to cause the woman's pelvis to break when struck hard.

Harcourt's lawyers argue that while it is reasonable to expect a child to get into a car. No one would expect a child to be able to start a vehicle. He further alleged that the accident was caused by Tesla's unsafe design. However, the automaker has rejected the allegation and said that Harcourt's injuries were caused by his carelessness and leaving his son alone.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Content Writer