Ford Endeavour might renamed when it comes in India; Know what the features

American car manufacturer Ford is once again preparing to return to the Indian market. According to media reports, the company may soon launch its full-size SUV Endeavor in India. With what name and features can this SUV be brought by the company? Let us know.

Apr 11, 2024 - 19:54
Ford Endeavour might renamed when it comes in India; Know what the features

According to media reports, Ford may once again return to the Indian market. According to the information, the company is preparing to make a comeback in the Indian market with a full-size SUV. What kind of features can the company provide in this SUV and under what name can it be brought? We are giving you this information in this news.

According to reports, Ford may soon launch its new SUV in India. The vehicle that can be brought back to India by the company will be a vehicle from the SUV segment. According to the information, the company will first introduce the new generation of its Endeavour in India. After this other cars can also be brought to India.

According to reports, the company can bring its full-size SUV Endeavour to India under the name Everest. Currently, this SUV is offered under this name in many countries like Australia and Thailand. In such a situation, the company can introduce it in India under the name of Everest instead of Endeavour. Earlier, the company used the Endeavour name in India because the Everest name was trademarked for some other unit. But now Ford has acquired the rights to the Everest name.

In this regard, the company has not yet released any official information. By year's end, though, it is expected that Ford will launch its new SUV in the Indian market. We cannot make Everest separately, so it can be brought under the name Everest instead of any other name, a source close to the company reportedly stated. Initially, the business will be able to import this SUV in small quantities from outside rather than producing it in India.

The new Endeavour will have many fantastic features from the company in addition to being renamed Everest. A 12-inch touchscreen, panoramic sunroof, 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster, auto air conditioning, nine airbags, ADAS, matrix headlights, L-shaped rear lights, and many more amazing features and safety features are reportedly on the list of features that will be available. Its potential cost could be approximately Rs 50 lakh, and the company can equip it with a two-litre turbo diesel engine.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Content Writer