If you don't change your Facebook and Google password, you may face problems, know important details here

According to a recent report, a database containing internal email addresses, passwords, and security codes for two-factor authentication has been compromised. Following this, questions have been raised regarding user security and the susceptibility of 2FA codes that are sent by SMS. You should update the passwords for both your Google and Facebook accounts in such a case.

Mar 2, 2024 - 14:22
If you don't change your Facebook and Google password, you may face problems, know important details here

Cybersecurity is an issue for every nation on the planet. A tech company claimed to have safeguarded the database holding the one-time security code needed to access well-known websites like Facebook, Google, and TikTok in such a scenario.

It is a technology company providing cellular tools and SMS routing services. The company also said that these codes required for two-factor authentication have now been exposed, raising concerns about the security of users. However, the company has not told how long this information has been coming to light.

There may be a danger for users:

  • Even though we have no idea of the timeline, it is a matter of concern for people. This is because now anyone can hack your account. In such a situation, you must change your password to avoid these problems.
  • Through the SMS routing process, the user receives text messages like OTP and code on different regional cell networks and operators. And YX International claims to send 5 million SMS text messages daily.

How dangerous is this database:

  • The internal database introduced may allow anyone online to access sensitive data.
  • This is because anyone with public IP address information in this database can use a web browser. The report also states that these were monthly logs in the database till July 2023.
  • As we know this database contains Two Factor Authentication (2FA) codes, the use of which helps prevent online accounts from being hijacked.
  • If a password is hacked, the code acts as a protection as it is sent to the user's registered device notifying them that their account has been accessed.
  • However, the 2FA codes found on text messages sent via SMS are not so secure. In such a situation, they get leaked openly from the database.
  • This database contains internal email addresses and associated passwords associated with YX International. The report also said that the database went offline after a short time.
Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Content Writer