GPT-5: 5th version of ChatGPT will be released this year, OpenAI is preparing

With GPT-5, there will be support of AI agents which will work automatically. Apart from this, Sora can also be supported with GPT-5, which is the company's latest text-to-video AI tool.

Mar 21, 2024 - 15:33
GPT-5: 5th version of ChatGPT will be released this year, OpenAI is preparing

The fifth iteration of OpenAI's chat tool, ChatGPT, called GPT-5, is about to be released. The report states that GPT-5 will be released in the upcoming months. An improved version of GPT-4, which was released in March 2023, will be the new AI model.

GPT-5 will offer a number of these features that aren't found in current AI tools. It's been reported that GPT-5 will support automatically functioning AI agents. In addition, Sora can be assisted by GPT-5, the most recent text-to-video artificial intelligence tool from the company.

According to the report of Business Insider, GPT-5 can be launched in June or July. With the help of the agents provided with GPT-5, any test can also be customized and scheduled. Recently Sora has been introduced which is an AI tool that creates video from text. With its help, videos up to 1 minute long can be made.

A report just a few days ago claimed that the Sora AI tool is going to be launched for everyone soon. The company has confirmed this, although it has not said whether it will be free or fee-based, but many reports are claiming that the company can offer Sora AI for free initially. OpenAI's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Meera Murthy said in an interview. Meera has said that Sora AI will be launched for the public this year. It is also possible that it may be introduced within a few months.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Content Writer