Before using credit and debit cards for online shopping, secure them, follow these tips

Online Shopping: Many people like to do online shopping during this festive season. Actually, during the festive season, sales start on many online shopping platforms. If you are also going to do online shopping then first of all you need to secure your credit card and debit card. Let us know how you can secure the card?

Oct 15, 2023 - 14:32
Before using credit and debit cards for online shopping, secure them, follow these tips

Sale has started on online shopping platforms during the festive season. To take advantage of this sale, many people start shopping. Let us tell you that many types of online fraud are taking place under the guise of the festive season. In such a situation, you need to be cautious of this type of fraud. Whenever you use your debit card or credit card, you should secure it before that.

The more secure your card is, the fewer chances you will have of being a fraud. Today we will tell you through this article how you can secure your debit and credit cards as much as possible.

The Reserve Bank of India has introduced a security system. In this system, your debit card and credit card are given more security. The name of this system is 3D Secure. In this, whenever you shop, you are asked for an additional code. This code is sent by the bank. You will get this code on the bank-registered mobile number or banking app.

With the implementation of this system, the number of online frauds will be reduced. In this system, it will be ensured that the card is being used by the cardholder for shopping.

Follow these tips:

  1. You should always shop from a trusted app or website.
  2. You should not give your card information to any unknown person.
  3. You should keep checking your card statement regularly. If you feel any kind of manipulation then file a complaint immediately.
  4. You should reduce your credit card limit. This helps in reducing the number of frauds happening to you.
  5. Whenever you shop online, you should keep your data safe.
Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Content Writer