OpenAI: Next Version of ChatGPT Will Have PhD Level Mind, CTO Discloses

OpenAI: In some tasks, next-generation models will have the intelligence of a PhD holder. He also added that a new version would come out in about a year and a half. Further, Murati adds that after using the latest version, you get the feeling that it's more intelligent than you. 

Jun 21, 2024 - 18:39
OpenAI: Next Version of ChatGPT Will Have PhD Level Mind, CTO Discloses

OpenAI is soon to come out with a new version of ChatGPT. On the eve of the latest version of ChatGPT, the CTO announced that the latest version would be PhD-level thinking. He mentioned that GPT-4 is of high scholarly intelligence.

OpenAI CTO Meera Murati, in an interview with alma mater Dartmouth Engineering College, says that the following model for ChatGPT will have specific task intelligence like that of a person holding a Ph.D. He dates the new version to a release in a year and a half. According to Murati, the use of the latest version might give you a feeling that it is more intelligent than you.

Interviewer Jeffrey Blackburn asked Murati, "What if three years from now when GPT is incredibly intelligent, it starts to connect to the Internet on its own and starts doing its own thing?" Is this real, and are you considering it as CTO of OpenAI? To which Murati responded, 'Yes. We have been thinking a lot about that. It is definitely real that you will have AI systems that will have agent capabilities, connect to the Internet, and talk to each other—agents will connect and work together, or agents will work with humans and work seamlessly with them, just as we work with each other today.'

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Content Writer