New update in LinkedIn, now AI will help in finding a job

LinkedIn Update: Users will have to give only one prompt, after that the AI ​​tool will show you the job related to that keyword. LinkedIn's AI update is currently being released only for the premium version. Apart from this, this tool is currently supporting English.

Jun 15, 2024 - 13:44
New update in LinkedIn, now AI will help in finding a job

Almost all professional people have a LinkedIn account, those who do not have it, create an account after some time of the job. People usually create an account on LinkedIn to connect with people in their profession. LinkedIn also helps people find jobs. Now Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has released a new feature that can prove to be helpful for people to find a job.

LinkedIn has announced the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on its platform, allowing users to search for jobs in a very short period of time. Users can select their preferred job with a single prompt, and the AI tool will display related jobs. LinkedIn's AI update is currently only available in the premium version. Aside from that, this tool currently only supports English.

Now a chatbot with AI support has also come on LinkedIn. This chatbot will also search for jobs based on the prompt and provide them to you. For example, you can give a prompt of "Find me a job in cybersecurity within my network" for a job. This AI tool on LinkedIn will also review the resumes of users' applications. This tool will also give suggestions to the users and tell them how to make a cover letter.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Content Writer