UN AI Resolution: United Nations approves the use of AI, global rules set for new technology

UN AI Resolution: America presented a resolution related to AI in the General Assembly and it was accepted without voting. This means that the proposal received the support of all 193 member states of the General Assembly. This is expected to strengthen international efforts to promote new technology. This will help in making human life more safe and reliable.

Mar 22, 2024 - 15:58
UN AI Resolution: United Nations approves the use of AI, global rules set for new technology

The first resolution on artificial intelligence (AI) was accepted by the UN General Assembly on Thursday. It is expected that this will bolster global initiatives to advance new technologies. This will contribute to a safer and more dependable human life.

In the General Assembly, the United States presented a resolution on artificial intelligence, which was approved without a vote. This indicates that all 193 of the General Assembly's member states approved the proposal. America's National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, had stated that a historic step would be taken through the United Nations resolution for the safe use of AI during the planning stages of bringing the proposal.

The terms and conditions of the use of AI have been clarified in this resolution. The use of AI is extremely beneficial for humanity but it also has some major side effects. Provisions have been made in the passed proposal to achieve these benefits and to protect against ill effects. The General Assembly resolved to make AI technology an effective medium for engagement between rich and poor developing countries. In making plans for international welfare through AI, countries of both categories will be at one table and will be able to express their views. Efforts will be made to ensure that developing countries get the maximum benefits of technology so that they can achieve their development goals.

Many types of diseases can be detected with the use of AI. The severity of floods can be predicted in advance, farmers can be helped and workers and employees can be given better training. This will help in preventing losses due to natural causes and in preparing skilled personnel.

As soon as the General Assembly approves the proposal and establishes precise regulations, the global development of AI-related activities is probably going to pick up speed. Additionally, assistance with technology planning will now be provided to nations. The entire world will gain from technology as America and other developed nations will be better able to understand its benefits and drawbacks.

The path has now been cleared for the application of AI to governance and management, opening the door to the creation of an international working system and communication network. Big companies in the technology sector have been saying the need for rules for the use of AI for a long time, now it will be easier for them to work. It is noteworthy that the European Union Parliament has also approved the rules for the use of AI on March 13.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Content Writer