Exciting Book Launch: 'The Other Man' by Ajaybir Singh Garkal Unveiled in Delhi

From left to right: Ritu Lamba Garkal, Ambika Shukla, Ajaybir Singh Garkal, Suhail Mathur, Vineet Bajpai New Delhi [India], September 9: Author Ajaybir Singh Garkal is back with another electrifying fiction thriller, after the success of his debut book –  Making The GodsDance, the much-awaited The Other Man was recently released at the Delhi Gymkhana Club. The launch [...]

Exciting Book Launch: 'The Other Man' by Ajaybir Singh Garkal Unveiled in Delhi
Exciting Book Launch: 'The Other Man' by Ajaybir Singh Garkal Unveiled in Delhi

New Delhi, India: Renowned author Ajaybir Singh Garkal is making a thrilling return with his latest fiction masterpiece, following the remarkable success of his debut work, "Making The Gods Dance." The highly-anticipated "The Other Man" was recently unveiled at the prestigious Delhi Gymkhana Club. The launch event featured an engaging discussion on literature and storytelling, with Ajaybir in conversation with distinguished panelists, including bestselling author and celebrated entrepreneur Vineet Bajpai, renowned animal rights activist Ambika Shukla, and India's premier literary agent and acclaimed author, Suhail Mathur, who also skillfully moderated the conversation. The event attracted a prominent audience, including friends, family, and notable personalities such as Smt. Maneka Gandhi and singer Shibani Kashyap.

During the event, Ajaybir Garkal shared his insights, stating, "The characters in my book draw inspiration from the diverse personalities I encounter. In 'The Other Man,' the plot unfolds through these characters and their unique qualities. In this literary creation, I've crafted a world where distinct characters collaborate and clash against a backdrop of intense political undercurrents. Within the pages, the narrative weaves a fictional story of an impending martial law scenario in India. As a writer who seeks connection with his audience, my primary responsibility is to infuse relatable characters with creativity and imagination, allowing readers to establish a profound connection with them."

Ambika Shukla, discussing the book's premise, remarked, "India's history reveals that we are not a mutinous people, with the last mutiny occurring in 1857. Our army is an incredibly dependable institution, making a coup scenario highly unlikely in India. Thus, envisioning a military coup here stems from a fertile imagination rather than immediate reality."

Suhail Mathur, adding his perspective, said, "What truly stood out for me in the book was its perfect fusion of multiple genres. While it's a murder mystery, it also incorporates political intrigue and parallel narratives related to fashion. However, what sets the book apart and resonated with me were the two characters – the father of Jogmer and Sullivans. I urge everyone to read this book."

Vineet Bajpai shed light on the publishing landscape, emphasizing, "The dynamics between authors and publishers underscore a significant gap in supply and demand. When an author submits a manuscript to a leading publishing house, they are often told to expect a response in six months. This highlights the challenges writers face in getting published. Large publishers, like many businesses, derive 80% of their revenue from 20% of their 'star' authors. Consequently, they tend to focus on established, highly marketable authors. In such a climate, there's a need for more publishing houses that offer diverse opportunities to new authors. Modern, forward-thinking publishers operate with minimal overheads, embrace digital platforms, and aggressively pursue online sales, reducing dependence on traditional distribution channels. They could be the fresh perspective the publishing industry requires."

Ajaybir Garkal also shared his observations, stating, "The landscape has transformed significantly since my debut book was published 17 years ago. In 2006, knowing someone who knew a publisher, having the publisher appreciate your story, and it was done. However, today, the process operates differently, marked by greater professionalism and efficiency. This is the distinction between 2006 and 2023."

Garkal's latest release, "The Other Man," is a gripping murder mystery and electrifying fiction thriller centered around a young, well-connected journalist. As the story unfolds, the budding journalist unravels whispers of an imminent military coup orchestrated by the iconic former army chief, General Jogmer. Clues lead him to Rajasthan, where the inaugural Jogmer Festival is hosted by a consortium of NRIs under the leadership of the renowned billionaire, Vikram Bhagat. Adding intrigue, Bhagat's whimsical daughter is enamored with Jogmer's adventurous younger son. However, the plot thickens with two scandalous murders occurring in rapid succession, casting suspicion on the General's two sons.

Published by the esteemed Delhi-based publishing house, TreeShade Books, "The Other Man" is readily available in both online and offline bookstores across India.