Jump in the sales of Royal Enfield, the company sold 76,187 units in January 2024

In January 2024, Royal Enfield sold 70556 units and exported 5631 units. In January 2023, the brand sold 67702 units and exported 7044 units. Thus, sales increased by 4 per cent while on the other hand, exports declined by 20 per cent. Let us know about the complete news.

Feb 5, 2024 - 20:48
Jump in the sales of Royal Enfield, the company sold 76,187 units in January 2024

Royal Enfield, a two-wheeler manufacturer based in Chennai, has announced a 10% year-over-year growth. In 2023–2024, the manufacturer sold 7,61,246 units; in 2022–2023 and 6,91,116 units. Royal Enfield sold 76,187 units in January 2024 as opposed to 74,746 units in the same month the previous year.

Royal Enfield shipped 5,631 units and sold 70,556 units in January 2024. The brand exported 7,044 units and sold 67,702 units in January 2023. As a result, while sales rose by 4%, exports fell by 20%.

Royal Enfield has sold 6,10,520 units in 2022–2023 and 7,00,829 units in 2023–2024 year-to-date. Consequently, there has been a 15% increase in sales. There has been a 25 per cent decline in terms of exports as they fell from 80,596 units in 2022-23 to 60,417 units in 2023-24.

In the last few months, Royal Enfield has launched two much-awaited motorcycles in the Indian market. Speaking about the performance for January 2024, B Govindarajan, CEO, of Royal Enfield said- “The past few months have been a very exciting time for us at Royal Enfield and for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. Our recently launched motorcycles are performing well across all markets and we have had a great start to the New Year. We are confident that we will maintain our growth momentum in the coming months.”

Apart from the new motorcycles, the brand has also launched two new colour schemes for the Bullet 350. They are Military Silver Black and Military Silver Red. What makes these colours special is that they come with silver pinstripes, which have been hand-painted. The new colour options will be below the standard model and will be priced at Rs 1.79 lakh ex-showroom.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Content Writer