"Abhishek Golecha's remarkable artwork for my nails brand, SOEZI, has generated significant buzz," says actress Sonakshi Sinha on his AI artistry

"Abhishek has adeptly explored the AI Artistry avenue", says actress Sonakshi Sinha on Abhishek Golecha Meet India's AI Artistry Creator Abhishek Golecha, Who Has Given Sonakshi Sinha's SOEZI A New Vision

Jun 14, 2023 - 20:04
"Abhishek Golecha's remarkable artwork for my nails brand, SOEZI, has generated significant buzz," says actress Sonakshi Sinha on his AI artistry

In the realm of artistic creativity, technology has opened up new horizons for artists to push the boundaries of imagination and innovation. One such trailblazer in the world of AI art is Abhishek Golecha, a renowned AI artist whose mesmerizing creations have captivated audiences around the globe.

Abhishek Golecha represents the convergence of technology and creativity. Combining his profound understanding of artificial intelligence with his artistic sensibilities, Golecha has carved a niche for himself as an AI artist. He is the man who has given creativity behind Sonakshi Sinha's brand SOEZI. 

Abhishek Golecha's artistic journey with SOEZI has been nothing short of extraordinary. His AI-generated images have become the visual face of the brand, allowing SOEZI to stand out in a highly competitive fashion industry. Through his artistry, Golecha has breathed life into Sonakshi Sinha's designs, infusing them with a touch of technological wizardry and innovation.

Sonakshi Sinha in an amazing collaboration with Abhishekh says, "With the global embrace of AI, there's been extensive discourse surrounding its advantages and disadvantages. As a creative entrepreneur, I am convinced of its limitless possibilities and substantial assistance. Abhishek Golecha's remarkable artwork for my press-on nails brand, SOEZI, has generated significant buzz. Not only does it eliminate the need for traditional photoshoots, but it also enables the creation of personalized images, showcasing the beauty of the nails through imaginative means. While I firmly believe that AI cannot replace the genuine human experience, it undeniably contributes a creative flair to campaigns when appropriate, and Abhishek has adeptly explored this avenue." 

On working with Sonakshi for such a renowned brand Abhishekh says, "It was really an amazing experience to work with her, I really had a great time, she is really one of the most humble actresses, She really makes you feel like a buddy and talking over SOEZI when we released the pictures everyone thought that it was photoshoot but it was all about AI and everyone were really very impressed and amazed with the outcome that came. So yes, I am really happy, and after all, she was very happy with the results and the love the brand was getting."

We can definitely say that Abhishek Golecha's work not only challenges traditional artistic conventions but also encourages others to embrace emerging technologies as powerful tools for self-expression. As the realm of AI art continues to evolve, artists like Abhishek Golecha will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of artistic creativity.

- Ronit Raj

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