Preeti Jhangiani Shares Insights About Her Character in "Kafas"

Jul 10, 2023 - 20:58
Preeti Jhangiani Shares Insights About Her Character in "Kafas"
Preeti Jhangiani Shares Insights About Her Character in

Preeti Jhangiani is back with a bang in her latest web series, "Kafas," which is steadily gaining momentum and has become the most-watched show of the week on SonyLiv. Jhangiani portrays an intriguing role in the series, which revolves around a Mumbai-based middle-class family and their school-going child's journey towards stardom.

In a recent interview, Jhangiani revealed intriguing details about her character, Tanya Bajaj. She described Tanya as a character grounded in reality—a star wife who maintains a façade for the outside world, no matter the challenges she faces internally. As a mother, Tanya is fiercely protective of her son and will do whatever it takes to ensure his well-being. Jhangiani expressed her pleasant surprise when offered the role, as it differed from the typical characters she is usually cast as. She was particularly excited about the grey side of Tanya's character, which provided an exciting and challenging opportunity for her as an actor. Jhangiani credited casting director Mukesh Chhabra and director Sahil Sangha for their unconventional decision to cast her against the grain, believing that it ultimately paid off.

Jhangiani also shared the struggles she faced during the shooting process. Transitioning from a filmy mode to fully embodying Tanya's character required her to exercise restraint and delve deep into the role. She credited director Sahil Sangha for his invaluable guidance in helping her find the right tone for each scene.

With "Kafas" gaining popularity, Preeti Jhangiani's portrayal of Tanya Bajaj has captured the attention of audiences, showcasing her versatility as an actor. As the series continues to captivate viewers, they eagerly anticipate the unfolding of Tanya's story within the Mumbai-based middle-class family.

Junja Ram Journalist