Players kept crying bitterly in the dressing room of Team India, Rahul Dravid said - condition couldn't be seen

While captain Rohit Sharma was the first to reach the dressing room with tears in his eyes after losing the World Cup 2023 final, Mohammed Siraj started crying bitterly on the field. After this, what happened in the dressing room, Rahul Dravid narrated the entire situation there.

Nov 20, 2023 - 12:38
Players kept crying bitterly in the dressing room of Team India, Rahul Dravid said - condition couldn't be seen

The Indian team, which was riding on the chariot of victory in all the first 10 matches including the semi-finals of the World Cup 2023, has lost the battle of the final. In the title match, when the winning run came from Maxwell's bat, the eyes of the Indian players became moist. While Mohammad Siraj was seen crying bitterly on the field, captain Rohit Sharma first went towards the dressing room with moist eyes. Other players on the field were controlling themselves, but as soon as they reached the dressing room, they were seen crying and sobbing with emotion. Head coach Rahul Dravid himself has given this information. He said that he could not see the sorrow of the players.

Rahul Dravid said that Rohit Sharma was very disappointed, and along with him, many players were seen as disappointed in the dressing room. There is a flood of emotions in the dressing room. Everyone looked emotional and as a coach, it was very difficult for me to see because I know how hard everyone worked. What contribution and how much sacrifice has he made? This is very difficult to see as a coach. Because I know these guys personally.

Dravid further said that despite how hard we worked in the last month, everyone saw the way we played. But, this is a game and things like this happen in games. The better team won. I am confident that the sun will rise again tomorrow... we will learn from this and move forward thoughtfully. You have some great achievements in the game. You keep moving forward. Don't stop, because if you don't put yourself on the line you won't experience the highs and lows.

Team India has become the first team in the world to win all its first 9 matches in the World Cup. After this, New Zealand was also defeated in the semi-finals. But unfortunately in the final, Team India could not live up to the expectations and Australia won the trophy.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Content Writer