10 Football players test positive for Coronavirus


Ten individuals from the Brazilian football crew Goias were told on Sunday they had tested positive for the coronavirus, compelling a last-minute game delay. The group was planned to go head to head against Sao Paulo FC without fans present as a major aspect of the first few days of play in the Brazilian national football season.

The transition to defer the game depended on a choice by the Superior Sports Court for Football, which was at last acknowledged by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). Under the steady gaze of the court’s choice was declared, only minutes before the planned beginning time, the two groups were in complete limbo. Sao Paulo FC players had just heated up on the pitch.

“Ten of our 23 players tried positive. Shockingly, we just got the outcomes today,” clarified Goias president Marcelo Almeida, addressing the TV slot Globo.

As per Brazilian media, eight of the 10 players were normal starters. Sao Paulo FC said they were agreeable to postponing the game, saying on Twitter that “nothing is a higher priority than remaining healthy”.


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