Traveling Time : A State Amalgamating Multiple Centuries


Defining Rajasthan has never been easy for the natives who dwelled on its sand dunes for centuries. From the magnificent palaces and havalies to the golden spread of Thar, Rajasthan is a charmer who spells its divination not only to its own born but to every voyager who beholds it for the twinkling of an eye.

Among the high sought-after tourist destinations, Rajasthan stands tall, but the fact cannot be brushed off that it is a crucial segment of the economic lifeline of India. It has modernized state of art industries and it nurtures the 21st century’s commercialized enterprise. It is phenomenal to ponder how Rajasthan lives in multiple centuries every day, fabricating it as its strength and vulnerability in the same breath.

 There are conglomerate cults of music and dance that have evolved over time in this magical state. Some eco the sentiments of its bygone legacy that is told through mesmerizing songs picturing the bravery of its kings and queens. These can be heard in the streets of Rajasthan and you don’t have to possess that eye of a tourist or rotate your premier cameras to forever freeze that fascinating nostalgia.

Not far away, around the corner is the new rock company which represents the youth of the 21st century who knows the latest launched trend lingering around the globe and can twist that high stilettos in the symphony of universal notes of a contemporary era on online streaming tools. 

This is the state which has gifted some of the finest female talents in various fields. Yet it is ironically also the state which sometimes struggles to match the education aspirations of its female segment due to the engulfed mindset. A journey through the tribal Rajasthan to metropolitan look-alike Rajasthan seems like traveling through time in terms of how much has changed and how much remains to be changed.

 Handcraft has always been patronized by the soil of Rajasthan. It is not laying it on thick that probably it is the soul of this state. In handcrafted items, may it be in fabric or other, this state breaths its spirit in alpha and omega. Considered a crucial segment of economic wellbeing this area engages a massive amount of locals who have inherited and skilled into this loom from generations. Juxtaposed to its contemporary competitors it wrangles to meet the  pepped-up demands of the encyclopedic industry.

From a clothing shop in the village of Bagru to the online sale portals, this state breath in several centuries in a moment. 

Over time Rajasthan has lived the sectoral growth in this segment and has also witnessed a remarkable performance in other manufacturing domains too.

This also derives attention to the agriculture, or construction sector where one sees greater possibilities of change as there remains awaiting response which may be a possible explanation of poverty and lesser development. In the same line, it has gradually groomed the information technology industry which needs surely a facelift to engage its powerful youth’s capacity and would also help in barricading the talent drain from the state.

A state enriched in wonderful world heritage sites offers a treat to the soul. It has more to offer the world than destination wedding venues. Promoting the beautiful sites in Rajasthan for the event industry will not only buck up the penny value but also push up the local talent of music, food, art, and so on. The uniqueness of cultural bequest, if bridged with the au courant demand of trade can bring Rajasthan to the forefront. Its absolute strength of keeping alive the gone by centuries can be its successful strategy.

This unique charm can be a game-changer. An umpteen number of people still envisage Rajasthan as a state holding on to its gone-by era. Whether it is food, clothing, its signature hospitality Rajasthan is viewed as mirroring the sentiments of previous centuries which is equally the case of many cultures and countries.

The threshold of the difference comes in when the contemporary takes over the positivity of the previous centuries and cements the development. Rajasthan has a captivating culture. Would not it be a mesmerizing experience for the people living and visiting Rajasthan when they catch a glimpse of how Rajasthan has blended its culturally diverse facets with the everchanging pace of the developing world: be it education, industry, or civic management?

“What should modern cities offer to people? What are some of the most important factors that determine a city’s success?” It may seem unbelievable but, ancient cities like Rajasthan offer many such answers


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