RAJ MANDIR world’s 3rd is now India’s first safest theatre


Jaipur: CNN Travel has given RAJ MANDIR the title of world’s 3rd most enjoyable movie theatre has now become India’s first corona free movie theatre.

RAJ MANDIR has installed UVDR ultraviolet lights in there theatre room, the light will kill the corona virus and 19 other germs as proven by DR. Sandeep Sharma. The products of FB Tech will reduce the spread of corona virus by a ray of light which is commonly known as Ultraviolet rays.

FB Tech’s company is introduced a wide range of human care products in the field of UVC sterilization lamps, the UVDR disinfection robots, ABS plastic Lamp, UV sterilization cart, pocket UVC and car & Ambulance UVC. All his products are certified with added advanced features of human care sensor and protection.

The 44 years old RAJ MANDIR will re-open soon as India’s first corona free movie theatre. FB Tech has introduced a new and great source to free the corona virus from our country. The contribution of FB Tech and DR. Sandeep Sharma is remarkable.


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