National webinar organized on the theme of "Bharat Ratna Dr. BR Ambedkar's Vision of India"

Jaipur: A national webinar was organized by DNT Mahasabha of India under the chairmanship of founder National President Gopal Kesavat "Mewad" former Minister of State on the occasion of Mahaparinirvan Diwas of Babu Dr. BR Ambedkar. The theme of the webinar was "Dr. BR Ambedkar's Vision of India". The main speaker of the webinar was retired District Sessions Judge Uday Pal Barupal while distinguished speaker Dr. Bharat Meena, Assistant Professor of Government College Babu Shobharam Alwar, is a well-known social activist and Dalit thinker Bhanwar Meghvanshi gave the first address and gave a lecture.
Distinguished speaker Dr. Bharat Meena said that we find answers to the current problems of India in Ambedkar's contemplation. He cited Ambedkar's point that our society has two enemies - ritualism and capitalism. Till we do not eliminate these two enemies, then we cannot establish a society based on justice, equality and fraternity.
The contribution of Saint Bhajanram Vasudev Kutumbakam Mahamanav towards the country will be unforgettable.

The summary of the webinar was presented by Co-convenor Senior Advocate Narendra Gajua. In the open session, social activists Punaram Jodhpur, Advocate Kuldeep Malawat, Data Analytics Pushkar Lal, Laxman Lohra, Raj Solanki expressed their views.

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