Mission to support needy women became self-sufficient

Jaipur - This corona epidemic has engulfed the lives of people, snatched away the employment of many people, and left daily wage laborers at home, thus providing employment opportunities to daily wage laborers and unemployed women and sitting at home.  Celebrity fashion designer Ayushi Awasthi brought a campaign like a farista * Mission self-sufficient * under which hundreds of women were made to sit at home and make masks made of cotton cloth and provide employment opportunities to the people, Ayush said that under this mission they  Crowd started this mission by funding and in this, the Moscow formed under the mission brought a lot of relief to those people who are going out in these bhayabah conditions and providing them facilities by playing on their lives, such as selling vegetables, cleaning workers.  , And working class people who are unable to buy masks, all of them will be provided masks free of cost under the mission self-reliance, and also women who have missed employment in this epidemic by giving them the task of making masks at home.  Are being given the opportunity of.

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