Jaipur based Kirana King supports CM Ashok Gehlot’s‘War For Pure’ campaign against Food adulteration

Jaipur: Every festive season is as special for every Indian family as it only bring together people within families and maintains a social bond. While savouries every festive season are an eminent part of every Indian family, food adulteration is a matter of great concern for consumers after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Considering that the demand for food and related products such as ghee, oil and milk and milk related products goes high, Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot has initiated a campaign to fight adulteration of food during the festive season and has named it under a campaign ‘War for Pure’. The campaign shall kick off from 26th October 2020.
In support of the campaign for War For Pure, Mr. Anup Kumar, Founder and CEO, Kirana King said, “The festive season is a delight for all Indian families as it is a season of togetherness and family bonding. The pandemic has caused added caution amongst the common customers to buy quality products that have no adulteration as families come together to prepare savouries. As the demand for food products rises, especially Ghee, Oil and Milk and Milk-related products across many states in the past have experienced adulteration during the festive season, this campaign ‘War For Pure’ initiated by Shri Ashok Gehlot was a much-awaited step."
Mr. Kumar further added, “Amidst the pandemic, during festivals, where people are eager to celebrate Diwali and are in full festive spirits sweets and chocolates, snacks, beverages are an integral part of celebrations. This campaign is very well appreciated by the retail community as it gives an assurance to the not just the customer buying the product but a self-assurance to the retailer himself that he needs to be cautious while selling a good quality product.Supporting this campaign, every retail organization would love to be a part of it by offering best in class products including all our 200 retail grocery stores of Kirana King in Jaipur.”
Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has launched the campaign ‘War For Pure’ against adulteration in food products. Kirana King is taking necessary steps which would be beneficial to all consumers during this festive season.

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