IIM Udaipur Inaugurates Two-Year MBA Program, Assures Transformational Journey

Udaipur: Indian Institute of Management Udaipur held its Two-Year MBA
 Program’s inauguration followed by three days-long orientation sessions for the incoming
2020-2022 batch with over 375 participants attending the ceremony.
The induction was held digitally in the presence of Chief Guest Mr. Sonjoy Chatterjee,
Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs India; Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur; Prof.
Rezina Sultana, Academic Dean, IIM Udaipur; faculty and incoming students.
Addressing the Class of 2022 and reflecting on his own journey, Mr. Sonjoy Chatterjee,
Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs India said, “Embrace the next two years of your life for
they will be transformational as you set out to be citizens, corporate citizens, citizens of our
country and citizens of this world. Hone your conduct. The ideas that you stand for, the
principles that you stand for and the courage that you bring. Ultimately it will define who
you are and how people perceive you — and this institution to a degree through you.”
“Wheel of progression will always move. Your conduct will really define what you hold.
Discipline and Teamwork are vital for your next two years and beyond. These principles
should be the prime attributes outside this campus,” he added while drawing on his
learnings from Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Former President of India.
On this occasion, Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur said, “The class of 2022 will be the
pioneer class of IIM Udaipur. You have worked hard to be here, and have taken a bet on
yourself and future in these tough times. We will provide the platform and enable the
ecosystem, but you will be writing your story. You will discover what you are good at, and
how you can become financially stable, and at the same time, contribute to society.”
Editor’s Synopsis-
 IIM Udaipur holds Two-Year MBA Program’s inauguration for the incoming 2020-
2022 batch
 Chief Guest: Mr. Sonjoy Chatterjee, Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs India
 Over 375 participants attended the ceremony

Congratulating the incoming batch, Prof. Rezina Sultana, Academic Dean, IIM Udaipur said,
“We welcome you to a transformational journey. Your effort is the key to the door of
success. What matters is the consistency to strive throughout the two years.”
Following the inauguration ceremony, the B-School organized several rounds of General
Orientations regarding the Institute’s Vision 2030 by Vision Core Team (Faculty - Prof.
Prakash Satyavageeswaran, Prof. Ashish Galande and Prof. Vijayta Doshi), and sessions on
career support, placement offerings, gender sensitization etc.

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