First Look Launch of India Fashion Couture Show 2019

 * The first look launch of India Fashion Court was held today at Hotel Fern in which many models, including international model Zara Ghazi, shattered fashion


Jaipur - On December 29, Jaipur will host a grand fashion show "India Fashion Couture Season 2", in which fashion designers from all over the country will showcase their fashionable collections, while on the other hand glamorous models will walk the ramp with their seductive looks.  .  The organizers of the event, Ambalika Shastri and Rinku Singh Gurjar, Lalit Sharma and Arvind Batra said that Fashion and Lifestyle Awards have also been held in various categories for the best performance givers.

 * At the Look Launch, the models dressed up in fashion designer-designed trendy clothes by famous designer Ayushi Awasthi, and made a stunning appearance of the jewelery of Indrajit Das at the Look Launch *

 The show's organizers and directors Ambalika Shastri Arvind Batra, Lalit Sharma, Rinku Singh Gurjar said that the models were makeup by freelance makeup artists Rakesh and Shakeel

 International supermodel models Zara Ghazi, Tanvi Gupta, Aradhana Rao, Shilpa Mittal, Neeta Samuel, Nikita Chauhan and other models including look at the launch of the show's first look launch photo shoot

 * Designers will get the platform * - In the season of the Book India Fashion Court show, a platform will be provided to promote the next generation designers and their unique style, in which fashion students from designing institutes across the country will show their collections.

 * The designer's winter collection and beautician's experimental looks will remain special *
 Giving information about the show, Ambalika Shastri and Rinku Singh Gurjar and Lalit Sharma said that looking at the winter season, designers and beauticians have created special looks for the designs and models.

 * Connected with Glamor Social Cause "Polothin Mukt Bharat"  This year's theme of the show is * Plastic Free India *, under which people are not supposed to use plastic and its misfortune and non-use.  Bale will be Abgt the benefits of Pryabrn

 The event was photographed by Ashwin Vyas and Ajay Jaiswal

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