E-Mitra Plus machines lying in the departments for a long time are blowing dust

Through modern technology, people are deprived of many types of government and private services under one roof.

Sayla. In the nearby Poshana Gram Panchayat in the subdivision area, e-Mitra Plus machine departments are seeing unseen dust. Through modern technology, people get many types of government and private services under one roof. With the objective of the eMitra Plus initiative launched by the former government, the machines in many departments have been proved to be unacceptable for a long time. There are many departments where these machines have not been installed to this day. If the employees use the machines lying in the respective departments and provide information to the common man, then it provides many kinds of facilities to the people. But due to machines being rejected everywhere, people are not getting the facilities of EMITRA Plus. The Imitra Plus machine is unusable in a corner. Seema Tharvi Jalore district is backward in terms of literacy, people do not know about these electronic machines. And no operator has been appointed on these machines for full guide of e-friend machines, so that people do not get complete information. And due to the non-promotion of these e-friend machines, people are not getting the information about these electronic machines. In the district, many departments, including water supply departments, panchayat committees, municipal councils, power departments, gram panchayats, tehsils, have lost their machines. In many places, they have not been installed even by connecting to the Internet. If these machines are introduced soon, the residents will be able to submit all kinds of bills including electricity, water, gas, post pad mobiles through the machines. Their electronic receipt is available hand in hand. The consumer has to enter their connection number. The payment of bill amount is also done through the card like ATM. Like ATM deposit machines, bills are also deposited by putting cash. Along with this, all types of certificates are also printed on the machine. For this, special printer is also installed in the machine. The consumer only needs to enter their certificate number or registration number. All types of certificates are printed and found. The charge for the services available in it varies from 10 to 50 rupees. The state government has introduced the Imitra Plus initiative to provide all types of government and private services including copying of machine-stamps, birth-death, caste, print of residence certificate, electricity, water bills, etc. Was launched by the previous government. Under which machines have been sent to all gram panchayats and all departments of the state government. Through e-Mitra Plus, the public can get the facilities available from e-Mitra kiosks. For this SSO ID has to be created. The ID is of the kiosk operator. Which the operator kiosks have to turn on and off in the morning. Any consumer with work related documents has to select and register through the board of E-Mitra Plus kiosk machine. The facility charged by the consumer is charged by swiping the CAS receptor and card. A receipt is also received from the laser printer after payment.

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