Jaipur, 06th December 2021: The ML Mehta Memorial Foundation (MLMMF) and Harish Chandra Mathur Rajasthan State Institute of Public Administration (HCMRIPA), Jaipur held the 7th ML Mehta Memorial Oration on December 4, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. in Jaipur in commemoration of Shri M L Mehta, former Chief Secretary of the Rajasthan Government. The Oration was conducted in a hybrid mode on both online and offline platforms and was attended by colleagues, family, and friends of Late Shri Mehta.

Mr. D. R. Mehta, retired civil personnel and former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Board of India and Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India spoke on "Sensitivity In Governance and Life," making the occasion relevant to society because of the key roles they play as executive arms of the government's welfare agenda.

Mr. DR Mehta, a former colleague of M. L. Mehta, provided several examples of M. L. Mehta's sensitivity being translated into state policy, particularly the Antodaya Scheme, which focuses on the last man in the line and benefits millions of marginalized people.

Mr. DR Mehta went on to describe the current state of civil service workers in terms of sensitivity or lack thereof in many forms, including corruption, and the paradoxical current mixed scenario, believing that despite all the negative events, a constructive trend can be seen.

Democracy and socialism are strongly intertwined. Whether public employees are sensitive or not, the democratic process assures that policies are sensitive, people-friendly, and beneficial. Sensitive governance is exemplified by universal education, the movement toward universal health, Mahatama Gandhi NREGA Scheme, pensions, subsidies, and assistance to the handicapped.

The Supreme Court's interpretation of the fundamental right to live in dignity has given this movement a boost. Indeed, the emergence of positive, empathic, and decent governance is a widespread phenomenon, and as time passes, this process will grow and with greater velocity.

Dr. Ashok Agarwal,presided over the oration and Prof. Rashmi Jain, the Foundation's Managing Trustee, organised the event. Once a year, an oration is given in honour of Late Shri M L Mehta, an innovator par excellence who was able to engage civil society actors and his contributions towards society.

His efforts for the revival and resurgence of the HCMRIPA as one of India's preeminent training institutions as well as his generosity and sensitive nature towards the marginalized will always be remembered. Mr DR Mehta further emphasized public policy, responsible governance, increased educational access, and social impact assessments of significant government programmes.

He believes in an era so crucial and with global ease of doing business, economic inequities are still rising and said Empathy coupled with Action gives Greater Reward to the Giver than even the receiver.


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