Sri Chaitanya Celebrates the Uniqueness in Every Kid, this Children's Day

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Every child born is a unique individual and they have their own path to success. They develop at their own pace and in their own way. Some kids are gifted athletes or artists while others find inspiration in science and books. They must be understood in their uniqueness, and their individuality must be respected.
Sri Chaitanya has celebrated children special week on the occasion of #ChildrensDay by putting out this beautiful film that highlights how every child is unique and finds joy in the things they love. Check out their film - #HarBacchaKhaasHai that inspires children to chase their dreams and find their own path to success.

Sri Chaitanya Celebrating Children's Day | #EveryChildisUnique

Treating them right and giving them the kind of atmosphere they need for their overall development help shape their personalities & talents in a miraculous way. In order to help students achieve their unique paths of success, Sri Chaitanya & Infinity Learn come forward to bolster the academic needs of the students. Sri Chaitanya’s innovative and world-class learning methodologies keep the students ahead of their times, as envisioned by its founders. Infinity Learn offers students an opportunity to learn at their own pace by giving them access to the live & recorded sessions of Sri Chaitanya’s masterclasses. Acknowledging every child's unique growth trajectory, it also gives gamified learning experience along with fun & interactive live lessons.

"Every Child is Unique. Every Child is Precious. And Every Child is Our Future. Happy Children’s Day to all of you!" - Sushma Boppana, Academic Director, Sri Chaitanya Educational Institution.
Respecting them for who they are and motivating them for what they want to do can work wonders for each of our little ones.


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