NHAI becomes first manufacturing sector organization to be 'fully digital'


As one of the biggest reforms, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, launched 'Fully Digital' with the launch of a unique cloud-based and artificial intelligence-driven big data analytics platform - Data Lake and Project Management Software. ' It is done. All project management work flow of NHAI has been transformed from manual to online portal based, configuring the entire project execution operations including 'Workflow with Timelines' and 'Alert Mechanism'. All project documentation, contractual decisions and clearances are now being done only through the portal.

With advanced analytics, Data Lake will forecast software delays, potential conflicts and provide advance alerts. Thus, in addition to accelerating decision making, it will also facilitate accurate and timely decision-making as the system is likely to estimate the financial implications of various options based on historical data. This will reduce many disputes.

NHAI has a history of a large number of pending panchnirman cases with a huge amount of claims and counterclaims. Most of the disputes have been general in nature like delay in delivery of debt-free site, shifting of utilities, idle charges of plant, machinery, equipment, manpower and decision making delay etc. These disputes can be minimized as the data lake software has a provision to track and investigate all these obstacles and will ensure that the tasks are completed within the time frame in a transparent manner. Since all the processes will be portal based, decision making will take place at an accelerated pace and will eventually reduce the possibility of litigation in future.

The entire project documents and correspondence will be stored in digital format in a cloud based 'data lake' linked with GIS tagging and unique project ID so that project data can be easily retrieved whenever required from any location. All NHAI contractors / waivers / consultants / authority engineers (AEs) / independent engineers (I) and project directors (PDs) / field officers have already started using it extensively. NHAI's e-Office module is also integrated into the system so that all correspondence can be digitally flowed from the field unit to the headquarters in a smooth manner.

In the current Kovid-19 pandemic scenario when most organizations are facing serious challenges in functioning, NHAI employees are doing their work uninterrupted and happily without any physical contact and without physically touching the files. Rather the lockdown period was used by NHAI to train its employees on the use of data lake.

Data Lake will revolutionize NHAI with the benefits of no delay, quick decision making, loss of record, work from anywhere / anytime. This will bring transparency as all the officials and stakeholders associated with the project can see what is happening on a real time basis which would be equivalent to a concurrent performance audit by superiors.


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