Basant Goel, the owner of Goel Medicos organizes a blood donation camp to give back to the people


New Delhi, 1st December 2021. Carrying forward the novel legacy of organizing blood camps for the last ten years, Goel Medicos pharmacy under the leadership of pharmacist Basant Goel organizes a blood donation camp.

The event will take place on the 5th of December in the North Chajjupur region of Shahdara, New Delhi from 8 am-3 pm. All Covid 19 protocols as per Government guidelines such as proper masks and social distancing will be maintained.

Every year the camp arranges more than 600 units of blood, but owing to the disruption due to COVID-19, he’s still managed to receive 200 and 240 units in the years 2020 and 2021 respectively. As a result of this philanthropic deed, Goel Medicos has been able to save 500-1000 lives every year.

The campaign offers special well-thought-out gifts as an incentive to get more people to donate blood. This year, ISI-marked helmets will be gifted to those who choose to donate with the selfless motive of saving the lives of those in need. 

In collaboration with the We 4 Foundation, the blood donation camp is organized, wherein the people who are in need of blood are issued unlimited cards. These cards help them avail themselves of as many units of blood they require.

Goel Medicos, along with the We 4 You foundation, the Bhagwan Buddha charitable blood banks, and the Bharat Sewa Blood Center have jointly organized this event in hopes of being able to continue this life-saving tradition.


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