150-degree scoliosis got corrected with 9cm increase in height

Scoliosis of spine is curving and rotation of Vertebra (Spine Bone) in various degree;
also called hump or crooked spine. It is seen in 2 % of population but severe cases are only 1 in million people. Back pain, Crooked back, uneven shoulder and hip, sometimes paralysis is seen.

19 year Ajay, a bright student & resident of Hingoli district of Maharashtra was suffering from scoliosis with severely bend spine since years. Back pain, breathlessness, tingling in legs and risk of paralysis was bothering him. Ajay’s father was worried about his condition. Family was looking for appropriate & safe treatment since years. They visited many major corporate hospitals in cities across state without much gain. A Senior Spine surgeon in city, mentioned about a high risk of paralysis with high fatality rate and gave them expenses that were beyond their financial capacity. 
On google search he read news articles of Prof. Dr Dhiraj Sonawane, who was trained in Columbia university in USA & University hospital in Singapore, who had successfully managed many such challenging scoliosis patients in his medical career. Ajay visited G.T. Hospital, in Mumbai where Dr Dhiraj is Chief Of Orthopedic & Spine, he examined studied his Xray & MRI, gave them complete plan, explained the complete procedure. As per Dr Dhiraj “Ajay was having Severe Congenital scoliosis of 150 degree angle, with 3 incomplete spine bone (hemivertebra) and multiple fused spine bone. This made the spine severely crooked and deformed which need Staged Surgically corrected”. Ajay was put Metal Head ring (halo ring) traction for 1 month to make the stiff spine flexible and later final surgery was performed.
Dr Dhiraj Sonawane with his team, Dr Ganesh Kohle( Anaesthetic),  Assistant surgeons Dr Sagar jawale, Dr Naved Ansari, Dr Yogesh, Dr Satya wadne, performed a successful surgery, which took almost 10 hours to complete. 20 high quality imported pedicle screw, 2 rods (Cobalt chromium metal) were inserted in spine and the spine was straightened to normal shape. Neuromonitoring was used to check spinal cord to avoid paralysis, special sutures material was used to make surgical mark less visible. 
Ajay was made to stand & walk next day after surgery. He was surprised and excited to see his normal looking spine and 9cm increase in height after surgery. Patient Ajay Markand said “ I had lost hope, and never imagined that I could have a normal spine, I thank Dr Dhiraj Sonawane who give me new life and great future”.
Dr Dhiraj Sonawane mentioned “there are many myths & taboo attached to scoliosis or crooked spine in our society. Treatment is available in all stages of this disease, however If this disease is caught early, we can avoid surgery. Hence the treatment becomes simpler without much risk”.
Jt. Director of Medical Education Dr Chandanwale  said “ I Congratulate Dr Sonawane & team for there efforts they put, marvellous work and miraculous results”.


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