YOGA is not only Posture! But a Science of Fitness and Happiness

Yoga is the India’s gift to the world and India’s ancient wisdom that makes life healthy and happy forever. According to ancient literature, “Rig Veda” the various elements of Yoga are mention. Yoga is the science of unity of individual soul with the divine energy. Now a day’s practicing yoga becomes a trend! Most of the people think doing difficult posture with moving legs and hands are called as yoga! Even many people started different Yoga business by teaching only Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation separately. 
But the ancient eminent researcher name as Yog Guru Maharshi Patanjali, enumerated eight limbs of Yoga, those are: 
 Yama (Universal moral commandments), 
 Niyama (Self purification by disciplines), 
 Asana (Postures),
 Pranayama(rhythmic control of prana), 
Pratyahara (withdrawl and total subjugation of senses), 
Dharana (concentration), 
Dhyana (Meditation) and, 
Samadhi (a state of super-consciousness).  
First five limbs are categorised under ‘Bahiranga Yoga”, that helpful for your “Body and Mind” and last three are considered under “Antaranga Yoga”, that helpful for your “Mind and Soul”.
“Yama” are the rules of morality for society and the individual, which basically tells us “what NOT to do” such Non-violence, Non-stealing and Not to tell lie and Nonhoarding of all things. In short it teaches us “Moh-Maya se mukth hona”.
“Niyama” are the rules and regulation that must follow by an individual to live disciplined life, which basically tells us “what to DO”. That includes our duties and responsibilities. There are five Niyama: Cleanliness, Contentment, Austerity, One’s own regular study and dedication to the God. It also includes doing daily life work even the time, the amount and quality of eating and sleeping; that I think young generation people forgets now days!!
“Asana” are the physical exercise and posture, it brings steadiness and comfort and person does not get easily affected by dualities like heat-cold, thirst-hunger, ragadwesha etc. All those difficult body posture comes under this. But it will become easy if you practice every day. There are three types of posture: Back bending, Front bending and Balancing, all the exercised follow the same pattern.  
“Pranayama” are the breath exercise or vital energy.  It is of four types: Bahyavritti, Abhyantaravritti, Stambhavritti and Bahyabhyantara Vishayakshepi.  “Pranayama” is to be practiced only after perfection in asana.  Pranayama removes the coverings over light of knowledge and makes the mind capable for concentration.
“Pratyahara” is the practice of withdrawing senses, mind and consciousness from contact with external objects, and drawing them inwards towards the soul.  Pratyahara results in absolute control of the sense organs.
“Dharana” means focusing the attention on a chosen point or area, within or outside the body. That we generally called as “Maan laga k koi kam Karna” with full concentration and focus.
“Dhyana” or meditation is the maintenance of continuous flow of attention directed towards the same point or area. Most of the time we all do meditation during sleeping without any disturbance or dream that condition is also called as “Pragya”. 
“Samadhi” is the stage of super-consciousness when self-awareness is lost and during that time we connect our soul energy with divine energy. That gives spiritual enlightenment and wisdom, which is finally known as “YOG the Connection”.  
The time we are going through right now is very challenging thus we have to take wise action. Thus this year the world celebrates “Yoga at Home with Family” because of COVID19 pandemic situation. I believe this will help everyone to stay physically fit and mentally positive in this adverse condition. As practicing yoga helps in builds immunity, strengthens internal organ, relieves stress and keep you joyful and energetic always.
As said “Health is the only precious Wealth”, thus let us imbibe our ancestors’ wisdom in to our daily life practice and enjoy the divine wealth of Health and Happiness Forever.  

Priyanka Roy 

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