Women openly share menstrual hygiene on International Menstrual Hygiene Day


Women and adolescents face a variety of challenges during menstruation. World menstrual hygiene day is celebrated on 28 May every year, so that women and adolescents do not have to face problems. The purpose of this day is to remove the misconceptions related to menstruation in the society, to give right information about menstrual management to women and adolescent girls. The motive behind setting the date of May 28 is that May is the fifth month of the year. This usually indicates the five-day menstrual cycle occurring after every 28 days.

Many women have shared with us on menstrual hygiene:

Is it a matter,
On the streets, it is right for religion, rivalry, politics,
And for the creation in the great season is a sin, a curse.
Is it a matter,
You are the power and you are also the mother
God cannot be everywhere, so you are the only one on earth.

- Shweta Patil
International model

About 200 million girls do not even know how to maintain safety and hygiene during their periods. In India, 9 out of 10 women use work-related measures during periods such as using cloth. These are not at all good for his health. Many villages do not have washrooms, where girls and women have to face a lot of problems. For this solution will have to start from the family itself, which will develop positive thinking in girls. After this, proper education should be given on this subject in schools and colleges.

- Jyoti Thakur, model and social worker

"Women safe then country safe"
In India, subjects related to menstruation and women's health are still not openly discussed. But now awareness is gradually increasing. Apart from social initiatives taking place at many levels, a recent Bollywood film Padman also stressed on talking about it openly. During the promotion of the film, its actors ran a #PadmanChallenge campaign on social media. Under this, celebrities had to put their photos on the social media with sanitary pads to remove the shame and hesitation associated with periods. At the same time, a challenge is being run in the hall in the name of Red Dot, so that awareness can be increased. At the same time, most women living in rural areas do not use any sanitary napkins these days. Many times they are unable to buy these pads due to financial reasons, so many are not available to them. Provide sanitary napkins free of cost in these areas so that it reduces the fear of spreading diseases and maintains cleanliness.

Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma, Model (Miss Diva Rajasthan 2020)

Since ancient times, the fabric of society has been made in which women are made dependent on men, as a result their problems are also seen from the perspective of men. This is the reason that there is no open discussion in the society on issues like menstruation. In society even today it is seen to be associated with issues like purity and desecration of women. During this time women are forbidden to do many household functions such as cooking, worshiping, attending ceremonies etc. I would like to say that this happens with every girl. Why is it so natural and natural that we are forced to be uncomfortable? But now as the women are beginning to make their own decisions, the picture is changing as well.

anchor aish
- Anchor Ash

Menstruation has remained a secret topic in the society, which is limited to only one mother and daughter. People still hesitate to discuss this subject in front of everyone. I consider myself lucky that I have found such parents with whom I can talk openly on periods and related topics. From personal hygiene to awareness, the first responsibility starts at home. After that it is the duty of the school to educate children about the subject that menstruation is neither a shameful thing nor should it be kept secret. Still in rural areas, girls drop out of school as soon as they reach adolescence, due to which inconvenience, lack of resources and lack of complete information becomes a hindrance. Keeping hygiene during periods can prevent many diseases for which the first thing is to use sanitary napkins, tampons or menstrual cups. Tax should be removed from essential things like sanitary pads and there should be a provision for giving free pads so that every needy can take care of his health.

- Rimjhim Pabri, Model

Menstrual Hygiene Day is meant to serve as a platform to create a united and strong voice for women and girls around the world, helping to break the silence about menstrual hygiene management. Menstrual Hygiene Day will help break the silence and build awareness of the fundamental role that good menstrual hygiene enables women and girls to reach their full potential. It is no longer appropriate to remain silent and silent on this subject. Women and girls should unite to serve as a platform to create a stronger voice.

preeti choudhary
- Preeti Chaudhary, Model Jaipur (Miss Diva Rajasthan 2019)

Many people talk a lot on the monthly problem of women, but is it wrong for any woman or girl to have menstruation, but because of that she is pure. It is said that during menstruation we should not touch anything, but I believe that if a woman or a girl is not pure then no goddess should be considered pure. If not, then for this, why should I look at such a small thinking or any girl or woman in those days as if they have made a mistake or they have made a mistake as a girl. I will only say that this is not a disease but a means of bringing any new generation into this world.

- Payal Jain, Business Women

The term menstruation in India is still wrapped in a culture of shame and silence. Essential items like sanitary pads are also bought and kept in secret use and hidden in a black bag or newspaper. There is still a lot of effort in this area, such as making sanitary pads easily available. The government should make sanitary pads available free of cost in the village countryside.

niharika kayat
- Niharika Kayat, Model Jaipur

It is said that people who have Mahavariya disease,
Actually, their inner thinking is all this,
This is not a sin, nor a curse,
This is the gift of God, no creation without it,
Say it wants pain, but it is the honor of the woman,
This is why a woman has pride of her femininity,
If it is not there, the basis of life is not in the world,
This is what brings the new life into the world.

- Deepa Joshi


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