Article: Why we need to judge someone or sometimes itself ?

"Judgement " so this word is very common which we face in daily life. But why? Why we need to judge someone or sometimes itself ? Your judgement can ruin your's or someone else life . Do you ever realised that ? Oviously not because we are so free to pass judgementry. Stop judging let people live their life the way they want even you yourself live the way you want just be confident. Why we judge in everything ? When girls wear short clothes "Arey iske chal charan dekho sexy ban rahi hai " . When we see fat or thin people "Arey itni moti / patli hai yar isse kon shadi karega . Talking about religion nd minor caste " Arey nichi jaat ke log hai apne level ke nai hai ". Why ? This can make you happy but this can ruin someones life dear . Everyone has the right to live the life according to himself / herself . Jiyo or jine doh . Taking about Shushant Singh Rajput sir he also faced many judements in his daily life i saw some videos where is was neglacted because he was from Bihari community . What was bad in that ? The talented & charming guy losts his life . Its not important  to judge your background if the person is so talented . We all are humans don't be a devil .Your judgement can ruin someone's life.

Sneha Baruah
Occupation - Event Manager

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