There are summits, yet to be scaled but when the journey is so interesting, one can only look forward to the quest ahead- Neha Lal


Mrs. Neha Lal is one of the winners of Mrs. India Legacy 2019 Pageant. She bagged the Most Active Participant in the same pageant, her vivacious and attractive personality shining through. Her unique signature is her remarkable professionalism and her ability to multi-task myriad roles right from endorsements for prestigious brands to photo shoots and philanthropy. Personal grooming and styling is her forte and has contributed successfully to her career as a fashionista, role model and pageant winner.

She loves to experiment with her looks, her favorite being the traditional look even though her versatility enables her to approach a great variety of assignments with her signature eclectic style and panache.

This glamour queen is known well as an epitome of gracefulness and style that define the modern Indian woman who conquers the home, hearth and hearts with her beauty and effervescence. Being the Brand Ambassador of Shakti Film Productions is a feather in her cap, pursuing her dreams and passion for the spotlight. It is no surprise that this diva is on a winning streak with her remarkable work in endorsements and events and has carved a niche

Q.1...When was the first you felt you wanted to be a model?

Ans:-Well when I was in college was chosen as miss fresher I think that was the first time this idea came in my mind !

 Q. 2Were your parents supportive of your decision or they resisted?

Ans:-just like all affectionate parents they wanted me to choose a carrier which is long lasting and according to them modelling was something which had  a very short span of time so they  wanted me to choose some other carrier.

 Q. 3What roadblocks difficulties did you face in the field initially?

Ans :- It was not an easy road though I always wanted to choose modelling as a carrier but could not . So I chose to be an Educationist which was always very close to my heart as it gave me opportunity to work for the society.

 Q. 4 :-What difficulties did you face in your struggling days?

 Ans :- In my view  I can say it’s more of difficulties however in any new field and assignments one has to work hard and keep on training daily to keep up with the demanding job one has to do.. It’s was major one has to keep trying many many doors again and again before one door opens and u always think oooh god !finally .......This industry demand major commitments to make sure u stay fit and stay stylish and stay smart and have an impressive and charming personally ....One has to do work in all different directions at the same time. My suggestions to everyone who is aspiring ... some always try your luck and don’t give up

Q. 5: What types of photoshoots or ramp walk you generally do?

Ans :- I am more into ethnic shoots and do ramp on and off

 Q.6- Your most memorable event so far, and why?

Ans :- most memorable moment was when I  came up as a winner ( 1st runner up ) in “Dideam Mrs india legacy 2019 “and in the same pageant won the title of “most active participant “as well

Q. 7-The number of brands you’ve represented so far, name them?

Ans :-After winning the crown have been doing major work towards modeling assignment and my responsibilities to creat awareness towards woman health and sanitation kept me going

Had some commercial assignments underway however there has been last month mint changes happen now it’s moved ahead let’s see when due to current situation in hand now we digital assignment of endorsement underway soon u all will get to know and see me

 Q. 8-How do you take care of your skin and fitness?

Ans :- I am very consistent for my skin care routine cleansing ,toning and moisturising and I only prefer natural products for this and believe in home remedies for skin care and as far as my fitness is concerned I believe in mixed exercise routine but my personal favourite is yoga because yoga gives me healthy body and peaceful mind .

D_ Q. 9-Walk us through your achievements so far?

Ans:-pageant winner ( diadem Mrs India legacy 1st runner up)

2 :- Brand ambassador ( Shakti films production)

3-: judge  in many miss ,mrs and mr india contest

4:-celebrity gust in Asia’s biggest star retailers award

5:- working with NGO’s like ladali foundation, jee ashray.

6:- social activists ( have done and still working for women health and sanitation)

Q. What is your career preference after modelling?

Ans :-I am going to start my personality grooming studio ! Many other plans in mind which I will come up very soon .

Q. 10 How are you coping up with Corona Virus Lockdown?

Ans:- As an educated person I know this is a pandemic which can be cured only by following the guidelines given by WHO time to time . And secondly by seeing the positive side of the scene is always helpful .

1:-i always creat awareness among people and helping them to be positive and not feeling depressed during COVID 19 .

2:-I have done many other social work like distributing food to needy people

3:- distribution of home made cotton mask to the needy one

4:-online yoga classes to people to stay fit

5:- information about many home skin and health care tips to people through my Youtube channel

Q. 11- Besides modelling, what do you like doing?

Ans :- being an educationists spreading awareness and knowledge to people is always my interest area. Working for women health and sanitation is always very close to my heart. I want to work for imparting free education to girl child up to class 12 and making them independent to earn for their living.

 Q. 12- As a female, do you think it is tough for girls to sustain in this field compared to boys?

Ans:-No I don’t think so no matter whatever the career you chose you always need to plan and stay focused to your aim whatever it could be. Being a mother and a wife I always create balance between my professional and my personal life giving priorities to things according to the time frame.

D_ Q. 13-What safety measures should a girl model take to avoid any untoward incidents?

Ans:-In today’s society male and female both can be harassed, sexually assaulted. Every aspiring model should be very clear about the surrounding and people they are working with and should make things very clear before hand signing any of the modelling assignments.

 Q. 13-As a model, do you have some rules in experimentation?

Ans:-As far as rules are concerned I have some self made rules which I always abide when I work for some company or any kind of modelling assignments.

I always believe in doing something new and experimenting with my outfits and like to work for some social issues related assignments.

 Q. 15-How can someone make a career in modelling?

If you want to make a career in modelling you need to be focused on Certain aspects like taking care of your your appearance and personality mean your overall look and the way you present yourself to other the way you talk , your dressing , your walk everything.

 Q. 16-What are the most important things to be a model?

Ans:- Believing in yourself, consistent effort and positive attitude.


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