"Ranchi Boy" using his entrepreneurship skills to help people get Groceries during Lockdown


Vikash, a young entrepreneur from Ranchi, Jharkhand is using his skills to help people across India and abroad in tough times like these. We will take a look at what & how exactly is he doing it. Vikash Mishra, 27 , is a Digital Marketing Instructor running his institution 'Kalam Academy' in Ranchi Jharkhand is a passionate individual of his field. Along with helping out students land jobs and be independent, he and his team also manages to work in the field of Software Development and this very skill itself has today enabled so many businesses men and consumers to meet their requirements.

The idea behind the buzz created is that he contacts several grocery store business men and helps them develop mobile based apps where they can list out all their products and enable an easy-to-sell process with just a click away. The ideas is unique and innovative and everyday a plethora of new people are connecting to him for their Online Startup Plan. The numbers of such grocery store owners have been especially increasing rapidly during the past few months due to the lockdown as people do not prefer stepping out of their houses to visit crowded areas in order to get their daily grocery needs. Even if they do , they are very well aware of the risk attached, thus, are desperately looking out for better and safer alternatives in the market. Grocery sellers too, complained of them going out of business and their products getting wasted as no one wants to buy from them anymore out of fear of 'getting out'.

This is exactly where Vikash's idea pops out to connect businesses men and consumers with each other , helping them both simultaneously and at the same time add to the increment in the slowed economy which is currently very much affected in lockdown. Consumers find it much easier to order items of their daily needs within the comfort of ordering online from their home and at the same time grocery business owners find this process very beneficial in increasing their sales tremendously. However this innovative idea didn't come to action overnight. Vikash and his team worked really hard to develop this idea on a working scale and market it accordingly. In initial days many business owners were in self doubt whether or not this idea would bring a boost to their business but today everyone of them agrees that their investment was worth every single penny and are even referring their fellow businessmen to contact Vikash for their business development strategy. This all started in Agra, 2016, where Vikash in his college days first developed his own grocery business- Grocity.

He worked on his own idea and kept refining it constantly on ground level so as to develop the perfect business model. After working out on his plan intricately and running his very own business model for 'one full year' he decided to acquire his company. He then did a bit of research work and soon found out that there are indeed a lot of people present in the market who are interested to start their online grocery business but are unable to do so for two main reasons- Investment & Information. People generally couldn't afford huge Investment and even if they did , they had no idea on how to actually do so on ground level. After realising this Vikash decided to spread his idea among other business owners in need and started to help them develop their very own self sustainable online grocery business model. It took time but people gradually started to understand the insights of his business model and everyday new enquiries started to flood in , meaning new people joining this initiative everyday. Today, Vikash has developed more than 150+ apps in more than 100+ cities all over India which is a great number. He also has got clients from abroad connected to him.

It's a great success but only a start as the amount of potential is far greater. As new clients are joining him everyday , they are understanding the amount of boost it's bringing to their business and that's where the word is spreading with other business owners as well. Eventually , people are getting accustomed to new techniques of Digital Marketing and their trust and reliability is increasing. At this rate , the client growth that is going to happen can be really extreme. Moreover , Vikash's idea holds not just a business aspect but hidden behind it is an initiative to help out all kinds of people during tough times. As a young entrepreneur he has succeeded in not just the economic prospect but also has helped more than 150 Lakh+ families to avail groceries items on a daily basis.



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