It would not at all be an exaggeration if I were to tell you that meeting Ms Paris Keswani in person and collaborating with her in humanitarian projects will automatically elevate you and also awaken the dormant spark of kindness lurking within you. Not only just within her own community but all over theUniverse has Paris set out on a global scale to preserve human rights and also strives her level best to provide equality for all before eyes of the law.

Paris is the savior for all the hopeless and destitute kids and displaced orphans, abused and battered mothers and also people who have been displaced by natural disasters. It is worthwhile to note that Paris has not only forged alliances but also formed progressive partnerships with her New York no profit Great Giving Charitable Foundation Inc.

Though born in India, Paris had relocated to the U.S where she attained Honors in Public Administration even while preserving her ardent love for gemology and has also worked as a jewelry designer and sales associate. The best thing about Paris is that she has dedicated her entire professional life to the service of humanity, eradication of poverty and also strived to provide housing accommodation for all.

Paris volunteers at UNICEF and New York Cars and is honored to be a vital part of the United Nations Environmental Progress in addition to being a very proud mother to her 11 year old son Prince and they together make it a point to feed over 200 homeless people every Sunday and also visit houses of senior people every weekend besides running an annual book fair and toy and blanket drives and tree planting projects in order to protect our environment.

Paris has also won a lot of recognition from the good people of Secaucus New Jersey, and their Mayor Michael Gonnelli who has committed wholeheartedly to work with her organization in special environmental projects to replenish withering trees by planting new ones and helping children with special needs.

As the wheels of human progress turn through the quadrangles of this planet we rejoice and stand exuberant knowing that in each wheel are found imprints of unrequited kindness affixed by the benevolent hands of our dearest Ms Paris Keswani, the people’s humanitarian. unrequited kindness affixed by the benevolent hands of our dearest Ms Paris Keswani, the people’s humanitarian. Incidentally Paris is also known in her friends circle as Poonam Keswani.


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