Love yourself, don't let mental stress dominate your life: Deepa Baradwal

To say that we are changing with the times, but our thinking is still the same with which the youth of today are traveling. Parents impose their dreams on children. Becoming a child wants something else but forces him to become something else. He dreams of becoming a doctor but he is pushed to engineer. Do not impose your dreams on children, let them make up their mind, let them read the subject in which they are interested, they should never misbehave with them that there are so many numbers of neighbor's children, why did you not come because everyone's mind is different thinking. The ability to understand is different, there is a God gift talent hidden inside every child. So recognize their skills and let them move forward. I never mean to say that you give them complete freedom to not take care of anything or ignore their mistake .... not to care what they are doing and what they don't No …… Take time for your children, evaluate them in which direction they are moving, if they are moving in the right direction then inspire them and if wrong then explain the right path because this adolescence At a young age, understanding is very fragile in children, they do not know the decision of right and wrong and are afraid to say anything to the parents, in such circumstances some children get addicted to drugs, some become victims of mental disorder and Some children commit suicide by coming under stress, not knowing how many children living in hostels commit suicide every year. Is it so easy to kill yourself? It is not so easy to kill the soul first you have to kill your conscience. There is always a murderer hidden behind a suicide, which is never seen whether it is an object or a place or a book or a human being. Have you ever tried to know why these children commit suicide? The biggest reason behind this is that their dreams remain incomplete, the pressure of parents on children, in which they gradually suffer from mental stress. Mental stress is a disease that is not visible, no matter how happy that child is from outside, looking happy can also be his performance. Mental stress is never immediate, it happens slowly, so parents should give time to children. The child has come new in the world, they do not know anything, so have taught them since childhood that everything is there, keep them away from false pride and pretense, tell them that there is nothing in the world without which we cannot live. . There is no such problem that cannot be solved, if it is alive then all the problems can be solved, teach them the courage to fight the troubles. Let the children get into the habit of defeat and another important reason for this is attraction, which they understand as love. Everyone has a fascination with each other in this teenage age. But there is a difference between attraction and love. If you forget to mix attraction with love, then it is also very wrong and it is today's generation, I feel that whatever I liked, I can achieve it anyway. Love can never be achieved, not necessarily what you like, it also likes you. Even if you do not get what you want, it will always be loved wherever it is. If you love someone, then keep it strong. If you are attracted to someone for a time pass, because every day you will ride on a motorcycle, the guy will show the film, make you go shopping. If your impression is wrong which is 90%. They are not associated with feelings. Passing time, it is a competition whether my friend has a girlfriend or is a good lover. It is wrong. If you have laid the foundation with selfishness then there can never be a building there. This does not mean kill yourself. If you do not get love, do not die, do not live for others, love yourself if you have life, you have the world.

Deepa Barwal
Student and journalist

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