Leaving the small town, Jagirdar RV made his mark in Rajasthani Rap Music


On the other hand, Rajasthan is always recognized for its ever-familiar culture, even if it is not in the field of music. Rajasthani music has been heard in Rajasthani folk songs since the beginning, but now days new experiments are being seen in it. Everything from shooting songs to locations, music, costume, artist, editing, production, etc. are getting set to different levels which are very good signs for Rajasthan music industry. In the present times, new color variants of Sur Taal are being added to it. Changing the same way, rapper Raghuveer Singh Rajpurohit, who is famous as Jagirdar RV in the music world, is making a similar change. He is not only giving back to back hit rap songs but is also surprising everyone by doing something innovative in his songs. Coming from Makrana, a small town in Nagaur, this boy had only one dream to make good music that could entertain people. Being very popular or earning a lot of money was never in its wish list. Jagirdar, who was fond of writing speech at school time, was advised by his elder brother Dinesh to become a rapper.

RV told that after completing his school study, he went to study in Jodhpur, since then he thought of making a song but due to lack of money to make songs, he started working in the call center at night after college in the day and somehow he Adding money, the first song "Mahare Desh Padharo" launched with Ismail Khan Langa Group. Along with Ismail Khan Langa, he also did Bollywood Republic on Bindaas Play and MTV Hittikat with Karan Kundra on MTV. Despite all these initial conflicts and upheavals. He did not let his rap car brake and worked with many famous artists from Rajasthan as well as Punjab. Which includes rapperia Balam to J19 Squad, RJ13, Sumsa Supari Shabbi Mahal etc. During this time, songs like his Dug Dug, City Maharao Jodhpur, Raja were highly appreciated by the public.

But there was a bigger explosion on the stage of India's biggest talent, his journey to the semi-finals with Ismail Khan Langa Group, where he gave Bollywood
Made big stars like Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Malaika Arora, Karan Johar convincing with her music. Currently, Jagirdar RV is preparing to launch Rajasthan's first hip hop album, which is accompanied by Mr. Max and Dev Singh. He says that "man should dream because dreams are fulfilled if hard work is persistent and persistent". The Jagirdars give maximum credit for their success to the people of Jodhpur who supported them all the time. Jagirdar RV's strength is his writing skills and his weakness is his carelessness towards his looks and dressing sense as he always likes to live and look simple. They like to be down to earth and they have a similar style.


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