From the ground to the summit, let's read about Gaurav Sharma, the world's first asthmatic climber to climb Mount Everest

Lalit Sharma / Chhavi Mittal
Everyone is fighting their own battles in their life and it is a principle of life, that we need to fall by ourselves and climb by ourselves as well. To get something, we need to lose something and to win; life seems like a race car, where a single mistake will lead you towards defeat, but do you know about those people who make this defeat, their dominance with their power, are found very rarely and Gaurav Sharma is one of them. The one, who is an inspiration to all those who are making mountaineering, part of their journey. Grew up in Churu, the hottest place in the country, Gaurav Sharma shared an interesting story behind making mountaineering his profession with us. He says that he was very much interested to go to space but being weak in mathematics subject, he was not able to do that. Though, he was very much interested in mountaineering from the beginning. It is very obvious that people opting for this profession are very courageous and brave. Though, things get tough at times when most of the parents liked or wanted their children to become doctors and engineers, but Gaurav’s parents always gave him a lot of encouragement. Gaurav's first climb was started in 1999 and before that, he also did a bicycle expedition up to Ladakh. Taking basic, advance and rescue course in mountaineering he went deeper into this profession. During earlier times, he climbed about 20,000 to 21,000 thousand feet (Six Thousand Metres) of various peaks, while there were some problems during the times as he was having a lack of money and he had to pay in order to climb but due to his talent he has gone for many foreign expeditions and travelled to several peaks, but in 2006, a turning point had made Gaurav hopeless and frustrated, his knee was broken and for a climber, his knee being broken creates a havoc in his life and career seems to end. But once again Gaurav's parents became a support for him and his mother took special care of his knee, with the help of exercise and from boosting his self confidence to taking care of his health, after two and a half months of hard work, the result was, that on Wednesday, May 20, 2009, at 6:15 AM in the morning at 42 degrees, Gaurav himself prepared a route without any guide and waved the tricolor on the top of Mount Everest.  He spent 55 minutes on the top and the most surprising thing was that, only in three oxygen cylinders Gaurav had conquered the Everest, on which Gaurav’s Mother proudly said that Everest is done but never quit climbing after this achievement. He did not look back and made it as his full-fledged career after this achievement.
Gaurav believes that climbers were very tolerant back then and had strength in earlier times but, in today’s era logistics has become powerful and the dependency has also increased to some extent. In earlier times, climbers used to be happy to get whatever food is being served to them, but in recent time, there is a lack of adjustability and competition is more visible. He then says that, climb for yourself, not to show off or for any competition. Fulfill your purpose with a complete and full training and with the help of trainer. Nowadays, it is seen that if any person who does trekking on a mountain for 15 to 20 days, he opens his own company which can be proved disastrous for others. Apart from this, he also believes that why shouldn’t we conquer the peaks which have not been discovered by anyone yet in India? Why shouldn’t this profession be promoted in India as well by exploring these Mountains ? Meanwhile, he himself is focusing on this aim from a long time, he often tries to climb the unclimbed mountains which have not been summited yet by anyone till date and of course, youth can also make their career in this profession.  In response to a question, Gaurav says that today’s youth is missing so many things by tying themselves in the shackles of social media and says that youngsters are actually losing their soul along with the nature. On this, a great initiative by Gaurav, especially to make youth’s life better, will be proved very useful. Through his company Camp India Adventures, he has launched the program at very low prices, in which a teenage will get a closer look at nature and will get a chance to understand its importance. It will be an adventure that will help the youth in their decision making. The five day program will start from October 1 at Himachal Pradesh, which will be proved beneficial for youth and anyone who wants to be part of this.

Disclaimer: This interview of Gaurav Sharma's was with Lalit Sharma and Chhavi Mittal. Not edited by Sangri Times Team.

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