Forever Star India Awards will be organize Miss and mrs category National Level Beauty Pageant


Along with this, people will be honoured through 2 awards shows.

Forever Star India Awards, the prestigious institution of Jaipur, are going to organize National Level Beauty Pageant Forever Miss India 2021 and Forever Mrs India 2021 this year. In addition, this organization will also organize 2 award shows and 2 other events.

People from 22 states across the country have participated in Miss India. This will be a beauty event in which more than 350 winners will be crowned which will be a world record. Both city and state winners will get all the benefits of this pageant. Through this beauty pageant, many records will be set up simultaneously.

Show organizer Sahil Chaudhary and director Kirti Chaudhary and founder and CEO Rajesh Agarwal (Astro Raj) told that participants from any corner of the country can participate in this national level beauty pageant. Participants will be members of the Community Lifetime Membership of Forever Star India Awards. With this, it is the first community in the world which will include beauty pageants, awards, title holders, makeup artists, fashion designers and other sectors from all over the world.


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