Entrepreneur Junjaram Thory and Kapil Raj put their views on the closure of the Chinese App


- Supported digital strike on China.

Jaipur. The Government of India has taken a strong stand on the India-China tension that arose in the Galvan Valley of Leh Ladakh in the last few days. The Government of India gave a bold decision to discontinue not one or two of the entire 59 Chinese apps running in the country, due to which there is an atmosphere of joy and gaiety in the country. Everyone is expressing their opposition to China in their own ways. Meanwhile, the city's youth entrepreneurs Junjaram Thory and Kapil Raj also spoke on the issue.

The CEO and chairman of Sangri Internet Private Limited, Junjaram Thory, appreciated the steps taken by the government and termed it as a public interest and national interest effort. Junjaram said that the Indian government has made a digital strike on China. This strike has broken China's back. This has given China a big and tough challenge on the economic front. It was necessary to take this step because of the constant wrongdoings by China. This has not only made China lag behind on the economic front but has also caused a lot of disgrace in the world.

So, KP Productions founder director Kapil Raj said that Chinese apps had a good hold on the Indian market. This gave Chinese app companies a profit of crores of rupees. In such a situation, this step taken by the Government of India is very commendable. The people of the whole of India are supporting this decision of the Government of India. This decision will open a new path for Indian IT professionals and the country will move further towards becoming self-reliant.


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