BizTycoon Announced the winners of The Influential Women Achiever of India Award, 2020-2021, Season 1.

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : March 8: The coolest award of the season, The Influential Women Achiever of India Award 2020-2021 announced the top women achievers from India. The Influential Women Achiever of India Award 2020-2021, season one is a symbol of women's power, their dedication and contribution towards society, their work, and profession.

Every “WOMAN” has the word “MAN” and every “SHE” has “HE”. On the auspicious occasion of International Women’s Day, Co-Founder and CEO of BizTycoon – Megha Pansare- Sangale and Adv. Dr. Shivangi Zarkar selected and honored those the most enthusiastic and deserving women, who are the best in their career, work, job, or profession with help of other BizTycoon Members. Awards have been classified into different categories like young women achievers, professionals, companies, Entrepreneurs, Trust/ NGO, Second Inning (retired-women), and Outstanding Talent or Performance. So young industry experts or startup women achievers can get motivation for their career and senior experienced women get honor for their contribution. BizTyccon Team selected all profiles to own their caliber, dignity, perseverance, and diligence.  To honor those Iron beauties, BizTycoon got more than 500 nominations in different categories, which have different talents and Skillsets. They came from different industry areas, such as Finance, Beauty, Food, Travel, IT, Real Estate, Music, Manufacturing, Health, Legal, Education, etc.  In those, throat cut competition, it is difficult to select the most deserving and bright-minded nominees, there are 106 winners got awards under unique classification. All final winners came from all over India.

List of The Influential Women Achiever of India, 2020-2021, Season One Winners:

1. Abha Jadhav, Principal -Apex International School

2. Adv. Manali P. Bidkar, IPR Counsel

3. Adv. Monima Khan, Corporate Lawyer – IPR & Cyber

4. Adv. Nilmani Gandhi, ADR Specialist

5. Adv. Sarika Anant Nar, Criminal Advocate & Photographer

6. Adv. Shikha Rajkumar Mishra, Civil Advocate

7. Adv. Renuka Vishnu Ghule, POCSO & Cyber Sp. Criminal Advocate

8. Afreen Shaikh,Beautician, Make-up & Hair Stylist

9. Afshan Nafis, Practicing Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Alternative Healing Therapist

10. Anagha Desai, Dietician & Nutritionist

11. Anjali S. Jangam, Founder & Director of S & A Group of Companies

12. Anusha Srinivasan Iyer, MD, Naarad PR & Image Strategists

13. Ar. Vidula Dixit, Architect

14. Archana Nawale, Spices Manufacturer

15. Arva Shikari, Psychological & Emotional Well-being Practitioner

16. Asma Kapadia, Global Peace Ambassador & Fashion Model

17. Avani Shah, Avani's Wellness Center

18. Bijoya Mukherjee, Clinical Dietitian & Weight Management Consultant

19. Debjani Palit, Administration, Operations & Travel Specialist

20. Deepika Davuluri, Start-up / Innovator – COSMAGEN

21. Dipti Sharad Kulkarni, Event Based Programme and Acting

22. Dr. Ketaki Patwardhan- Nirkhi, Author & Novelist

23. Dr. Purnima Kandekar, Director- Nayesha Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

24. Dr. Sangeeta Rajesh Patil, Hey Foundation NGO & Social Work

25. Dr. Vidyalakshmi, Spiritual Meditation Practitioner & Trainer

26. Dr. Anu Mehta,Founder of META-Health

27. Dr. Bharatee Chavan, Founder of Manini Foundation

28. Dr. Madhuri Sakhardande, Doctor- Gynecologist

29. Dr. Meghna Shah, Dean of The Other Song

30. Dr. Prabhavathi, Founder of Prabha Physio Care & Wellness Clinic

31. Dr. Priyadarshini Umesh Chorage, Specialist in Social Work & CSR Activities

32. Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, Global Wellness Ambassador, Founder Oneline Wellness

33. Dr. Saikumari V., Educationalist- Sp. in Management & Leadership

34. Dr. Sanika Dharaskar, Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist

35. Dr. Seema Sutay Gajbhiye, Doctor, Lawyer, Administrator & Teacher

36. Dr. Snehal Kadam, Ayurveda Doctor & Founder of ASIM Hospital & Research Centre

37. Dr. Surbhi Mishra Roshan, Education Specialist

38. Dr.ShamaHussain, Educational Professional & International Motivation Speaker – Mentor

39. Ekta Singh, Ph.D Researcher – Agronomy

40. Gayatri Dipak Kulkarni, Catering Services

41. Gayatri Narasimhan, International NGO & Social Worker

42. Hardika Rajdev, Founder of Sofweb

43. Hema Bhosale, Founder & MD, Gravity Studios

44. Isha Bhise Rathod, Artist, Actress & Fashion Model

45. Ar. Jui Patil, Architect & Co-Founder in JRarchitects

46. Jyothhi Raje, Tarot Reader & Numerologist

47. Jyothi Iyer, Dance Teacher, Choreographer & Performer

48. Jyothi Manjunath, Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

49. Jyoti Agrawal, Founder- Maa 2 Mom

50. Kausturi BhattacharyaChaudhari, Event Management

51. Kavitha Sathappan, NGO & Social Worker

52. Kunti Malgaonkar – Suryawanshi, Psychotherapist, Student Counselor & Trainer

53. Leena Kotian, Financial Consultant

54. Lipi Banerjee, Numerologist, EI and Happiness Coach

55. Madhu Dudia, Principal- CBSE School & Innovative Leader

56. Mahua Ghosh, F & B Expert and Founder of The Filling Station

57. Meenu Gera – Mathematic Tutor & Specialist

58. Megha Sangale – Founder Udyogmegh Infotech

59. Mini Suboth, Outstanding Social Worker & Artist

60. Mrunali Undale,Creative Director- The Write Note

61. Neelakshi Narwade, Director of Tejaswini Construction

62.Neeta Mehta, Emotional Intelligence and Master life Coach

63. Neha Mehta, Fashion Model

64. Neha Tambotkar, Founder of Ajantha Spa & Salon

65. Nidhi Suryakant Mody, Founder of Smilealways27

66. Nikita Ameer Ganatra, Trainer, Speaker & Career Counsellor

67. Nilufer Z. Jasoomani, International Image Consultant & Interviewer

68. Nithya Chellam, Healer & Founder of Chellam Healing Center

69. Nitisha Balaay, Founder – The Search Experts

70. Nivedita, Mindset Coach

71. Pradnya Arun Kamble, NGO & Social Worker

72. Prajakta Prakash Tari- Deshpande, Career and Educational Counsellor & Coach

73. Praveen Singh, IT Professional, Life Coach, Author & Speaker

74. Rajashree Shrikant Kulkarni, Founder of Study Overseas Counselling Center

75. Rashmi Tripathi, Trainer, Coach, Speaker and Author

76. Rimjhim Kumar Charan, Business Process Strategist

77. Rumin Panjwani, Beautician & Make-up Artist

78. Ar. Runjhun Gupta, Game Changing Business Coach, Speaker & Innovative Architect

79. Rupa Shekhar Cholapache, NGO & Social Worker

80.Rupali Gurav – Fitness Coach and Athletic

81. Saima Khan, Educational Consultant

82. Saima Shabbir, Makeup Educator

83. Samira Multani, Skin, Hair, and Makeup Specialist

84. Sarita Das, Vocational Educator

85. Saumya Gupta, Playschool and Child Education Specialist

86. Savita Sharma, Makeup Artist

87. Seema Chaudhari, Catering- Maharashtrian Food & Nutrition Activist

88. Seema Vedak- Virtual Facilitator & trainer

89. Shamal Manjrekar, Promising Teacher and Leader

90. Shamim Dhamasker, Hair, Skin and Make-up Specialist and social Activist

91. Shoma Jain, Regression Clinical Hypnotherapist

92. Shraddha Desai, Social Organization for Blind, Handicapped and Special Child

93. Shweta Ojha, LinkedIn Coach and Consultant

94. Sonali Mote, Founder and Director- ESDA Infotech

95. Sonali Vyawhare Trainer & Coach

96. Sonali Zarkar, HR and Payroll Specialist

97. Sujata Hanchate, Innovative Concept of Ice-cream

98. Supriya Patankar Khadkar, Multimedia & Graphics Professional

99. Swapnali Doshi, Candy & Bakery Products Manufacturer

100. Swati Mahajan, Educationalist & Founder of Knowracle Group

101. Tanaaz Horamuz, Meraki- Health & Wellness Coach

102. Trups S Sawant, Celebrity Graphologist, Tarot Consultant & Alternative Healing Therapist

103. Vaidehi Nikhil Patil, Founder & Tutor – Vaidehi Tutorials

104. Vartika Chaturvedi, Travel & Hospitality Professional

105. Veena Dhandhia, Founder & Director in MoveAhead

106. Vidhya R Hajirnnis, Vaastu Consultant, Numerologist and Graphologist

On the great day of International Women’s Day 2021, Co-Founder and CLO of Biztycoon, Adv. Dr. Shivangi Zarkar Says, Appreciating them, for all women’s extraordinary work, enthusiasm, creativity, and uniqueness. We have the privileged to honor all awardees and would like to continue to find such untouched gems from women's ocean. BizTycoon Awards are a highly prestigious and honored award in the corporate world. The awards are given exclusively on merit and are awarded to commend those, who are most deserving for their performance and hard work. The phrase, “Never Quit and Follow Your Dreams”, suits all the promising women Professionals and Achievers. This leads them to achieve the Influential Women Achiever of India Award 2020-2021, Season one. I would like to wish them the best of luck to showcase the dedication and hard work towards their organization and reach a milestone.

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