At the age of 25, Balusingh Rajpurohit has marked his name as a successful entrepreneur !!


India has witnessed a big success in the field of digital marketing for the last many years. Social media has become a key to success for many. Having good skills is not enough to entertain people, one needs to give quality over quantity. Social media has become a place where one shares a good amount of contents, which helps them to not only get popular but it also helps to earn!

A young boy, Balusingh Rajpurohit has marked his name as a popular marketing expert and a successful entrepreneur at a very tender age of 25. The youth plays an important role when it comes to social media and among them, Balusingh has given a proper direction to digital Marketing. When a normal person thinks about earning from 9 to 5 jobs, Balusingh chose to set his standards differently. He was always curious to learn different things and this made him a successful entrepreneur.

 Balusingh is also known as an influencer, entrepreneur, blogger to name a few. He was born and brought up in Barmer. Since childhood, he had a keen interest in trying new things. His classmates recall that his thinking style was different from any other individual in the class. He carries a whole different personality from the causal ones!

Entrepreneurship comes with a constant dedication to work. One has to keep on learning, searching for different things and having lessons from every small work is a key to successful entrepreneurship. Having a certain Passion to follow the business has to be the most important part. Passion is something that keeps you working for the thing, till it not get achieved. To achieve something, one has to keep constant control and knowledge about that thing. Another thing that comes to mind while talking about entrepreneurship is Never giving up attitude! One has to constantly work. Business is something that comes with ups and downs. Balusingh has crossed all the things at a very tender age and crossed the millstone by marking his name as a successful entrepreneur in the nation.

His never-ending hard work with counts with a smart part of his mind has given him a big success over years. Talking about his start, he says," I have always been interested in learning new things. I can't continue with a regular one, I always had the interest to try something new from the old. That habit on mine had put me here."

His achievements have recognised everywhere and his hard work marked his name. He has a high demand for his services as he gives the most innovative and creative ideas when it comes to marketing. His techniques to deal with the problem has a whole different way. Balusingh's journey is a dream of many young people of his age. He inspires everyone around him.


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