National Girl Child Day celebrated in JECRC By Suhasini

"Children have wings regardless of their dreams, and the sky doesn't discriminate."

Jaipur. JECRC Foundation's social group 'Suhasini: An initiative to save the smile of girl child' celebrated National Girl Child Week to promote gender equality among children and instill the notion of women empowerment in their minds. The celebration began on 20th January at Government senior secondary School, Pratapnagar where Suhasini members joined the children and made them enjoy a gala time. A self defense training session was also conducted for girls to help them protect themselves. This gave them self-confidence and encouraged their spirits to fight all the injustices in society. A similar celebration was conducted in Government School, Badi ka Baad on 21st January. Here also the children received Suhasini members with utter enthusiasm and open arms. A joy-filled day brought enormous bright smiles on the faces of young children, filling them with a new-found purpose of fighting for their rights.

A day outdoors the classroom can teach the students what the books fail to. On 22nd January, children from Government School, Haldighati were taken for a visit to the Science Park. Many recreational activities were conducted which subtly enforced the message of no gender discrimination to them. Kids were involved in activities that gave them insights about what they can achieve together in society.

Celebrations building up to the National Girl Child Day were the perfect prequel to grand event on 24th January. On this occasion, hundreds of children from various government schools associated with Suhasini were brought to the JECRC Foundation campus to witness a grand celebration tailored for them. Setting the tone of event, a storytelling session was conducted by Dr Shweta and Ms Sanika from Tickling Tales Foundation leaving the children spellbound and mesmerized. Then they were taken on an astronomical journey of the sky above them by Mr Harshul. The event witnessed the esteemed presence of Dr. Kamalini Dravid, Programme Director (HQ), Women and Children Development.They motivated the young minds with their exceptional words that got imprinted on them. The children were also blessed by the gracious presence of Shri Amit Agarwal and Shri Arpit Agarwal (Directors JECRC Foundation), Shri O.P. Jain (Director Social Initiatives, JECRC), Shri M.L. Sharma (Vice Chairman, JECRC), Dr. V.K. Chandna (Principal, JECRC), Shri P.K. Tiwari (Senior Advisor, JECRC) Mrs. Neelu Jain (Teacher Coordinator, Suhasini). The children from the villages also got a magnificent platform to showcase their talents and performed to the best of their abilities. A group of children from Manav Seva Trust also poured their hearts out into the performance and decked the stage with glory. The National Girl Child Day celebration attained success as the children took back home a wide grin along with a resolve to treat everyone equally.

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