Vaibhav Pani : The face hidden behind successful hit songs in OTT space is winning hearts with his beautiful music production

In the music industry, while the composers, lyricists, and singers are often highlighted,  music producers are also an important part of the process who is responsible for designing the way a track sounds and work hand in hand with the composer throughout the music-making process. Vaibhav's name has been making it to the title credits of a lot of songs that he has worked on. We were curious to know who is this person and were pleasantly surprised to see everything he has been up to.
In a very short span of time, Vaibhav has worked with some of the top names in the industry such as Akhil Sachdeva, Amaal Malik, Vayu, Vishal Mishra, and many more. He has produced several other songs in the OTT space with songs such as "Galliyaan" from Alt Balaji's show "Bebakee", written, sung and written by Akhil Sachdeva featuring Asees Kaur, to “Sukoon” from the Alt Balaji show “It Happened in Calcutta” by Akhil Sachdeva. He has recently produced 3 out of 4 songs for the show "Broken But Beautiful Season 3" by ALT Balaji featuring Siddharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee. "Tere Naal" and "Mere Liye" have both been written, sung and written by Akhil Sachdeva. The third song he has worked on is composed by Amaal Malik, written by singers Armaan Malik, Palak Muchhal and Rashmi Virag. All these songs are causing a stir online. He works closely with Vayu and has produced the highly successful "Baatein Karo". Recently, another soothing love song called "Tohfa" was produced by him, which is receiving a lot of critical acclaim. He also co-produced the song "Main Hoon Na Tere Saath" with Meghdeep Bose, which was composed by Amaal Malik, sung by Armaan Malik, and written by Kunal Verma in the film Saina. Vaibhav is also part of the band 'The Yellow Diaries' as a guitarist.
He has an interesting back story. He left a stable IT job to become a full-time musician. He says, "It was a difficult decision to set up a corporate career for 5 years and abandon it to live a completely different life as a musician. Yes, there was a very difficult time when both money and work were scarce. But Priyanshu I was extremely helpful to have a supportive life partner who saw me in my worst times. Also, being surrounded by some of the best musicians and some of the best people really inspired me to push myself. Whatever I did today Have achieved, I am very grateful to those who have been a part of my journey. ”You can watch all these songs on all streaming platforms and YouTube. Here are some of his latest tracks:
Kya Kiya Hain Tune -
Tere Naal -
Tohfa -

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