There is no Medicine in Allopathy that can Treat Bubal Blockage: Dr. Chancha Sharma


Tubal blockage treatment has been found Infertility has become a major problem in the present time across the globe. Around 10 percent of men and women worldwide suffer from infertility problems. And about 40 percent of women have infertility due to tubal blockage, which is a huge figure. Tubal blockage is the biggest cause of infertility. Due to which egg is not able to travel from Ovary to Uterus and so it doesn’t meet to women’s Egg hence results of non-fertilization. Therefore, it becomes very essential to treat tubal blockage.

There is no medicine in allopathy that can treat tubal blockage. Therefore, they recommend laparoscopy and IVF. This has a success rate of 10 to 30 percent and also very expensive. Due to which the patient has to bear financial losses and lots of sideffects. Many studies and researches have been done for the treatment of tubal blockage problem at Asha Ayurveda. After these Ayurvedic studies and Panchakarma research, Asha Ayurveda has prepared such coordination of Uttara Basti, Vaman, Virechan, Basti and Ayurvedic herbal medicines, so that 90% patients gets opened there blocked fallopian tubes.  
                                                                                                                                                          Now Dr. Chancha Sharma's team has devised an Ayurvedic treatment protocol by which treatment of tubal blockage has become completely possible. This treatment protocol consist a deep rooted detoxification by Vaman, Virechan, Basti , Raktmokshan and Basti Panchkarma therapy along with Ayurvedic Medicines.   
                                                                                                                                                       Panchkarma is defines as Panch means Five and Karma means Therapies, these five therapies has been very detail definition in Ayurved Sanhita’s. These therapies have all capabilities to deep extraction toxins from body. As toxins in body are cause of disease, and when all toxins are being extracted from body then disease get eliminated itself from body.
 Uttar Basti is special Upkarma of Panchkarma in which Ayurvedic Medicine is being inserted in Uterus. Ayurvedic Medicine is being decided by Doctor as per the condition of patient. So it eliminate toxins and disease from Uterus. Tubal Blockage, Hydrosalpinx, Endometriosis, and other Uterus related diseases can be cured by Uterbasti Therapy.
                                                                                                                                                        Tubal blockage is treated with 90% success by Uttara Basti (Upakarma) in collaboration with Medicine and other main Panchkarma procedures. This process take Three to four Months generally, but many examples are there of patients getting pregnant in two months as well but they are exceptions.
Results of Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapy suggest that Uttarabasti is a safe and effective treatment for tubal blockage. Uttar Basti reduces the complications of tubal blockage and treat it to unblock tubes. It is being said that this will prove to be the best treatment for tubal blockage treatment in the near future. Uttar Basti is the most effective and painless process for unblocking Tubes. Uttar Basti cures other uterine disorders such as the endometrium and helps to eliminate uterine infections. The five components of Panchakarma (voman, virechan, basti, nasyam, Raktmokshan)  are used in conjunction with allied therapies to eliminate toxins from the body by cleansing the channels and restoring balance.

One must try this ayurvedic process for infertility treatment. We have seen in COVID19 time that Ayurved is most effective prevetion and treatment of diseases.


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