The Narrative of Diaspora: Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas 2021


Every year on 9th January Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas is celebrated. PBD encourages the vision of deep shared understanding for mutual growth with effectiveness and economic viability among Indian diasporic communities with its homeland - India. Historically, it marks the homecoming of Mahatma Gandhi as he returned to India on January 9, 1915, from South Africa and became the protagonist and a critical catalyst of India's independence struggle. Imbibing the same spirit, Pravasi Bhartiya Divas is celebrated on January 9 to recognize the contribution of the overseas Indian community towards their motherland. The notion behind is to provide a podium for non-residential Indians (NRI) to interact with bureaucrats, policymakers, and business owners of India.

The genesis of this conception began in 2003 as engagement to prelude networking platforms among overseas Indians, the government, and the people of India. Various activities take place at this event such as plenary sessions, exhibitions, cultural programs. This is a colossal opportunity to frame dialogue with other overseas Indians, policymakers, political leaders, and others and build a successful developmental connection to contribute towards economic advancement.

  Perceiving the unforeseen challenges that the pandemic of 2020 has brought, It is a welcoming decision to hold PBD celebrations 2021 in a virtual format. The participants will join hands in the online convention. The theme of 2021 Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas is “contributing to Atmanirbhar Bharat”. This envisages the larger vision of Prime minister Narendra Modi’s self-reliant Bharat. To promote the small-scale industries and the upcoming entrepreneurs and support them in thrashing global competition, PBD will help many connect to opportunities in the supply chain movement. This will directly and largely impact the woman undertakers. A wide-ranging and free-wheeling discussion with a sharp focus on research and rejuvenating business in unprecedented strides will be a prime insight of PBD 2021

Popularly, NRIs tend to be conservative in their approach towards investments and mostly lock their funds in extremely law risk products majorly in the banking sector in form of bank deposits, bonds, or small savings. The government of India is persuading the non-residential Indians to change this narrative and invest in bigger and important sectors so that economic growth is positively impacted and both are benefitted with mutual business opportunities.

However, the PBD addresses some critical perspectives apart from solely delegating the financial intentions. It showcases India’s warm diplomatic relations with nations like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and so on building a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere for millions of Indians residing abroad. Some Indian touch is given to PBD to present the uniqueness India imbibes with its historical richness such as amalgamating Kumbh Mela last time with PBD or celebrating it in Gujarat to mark the 100th year of the arrival of the father of the nation – Mahatma Gandhi. Needless to say, Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas 2021 is going to occur at a time when the world economy is battling to recover, including the Indian economy. These are the rare times when the diasporic community can display its oneness of spirit with its homeland and can make a shift in perspective.

Dr Jyoti joshi

Munich, Germany

About the Author: The author is an avid writer and educationalist working as a Business Coach and English Language trainer in Munich, Germany.


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