Ronit Raj is one of the First and Youngest Blogger in the Cinema Category


Soon to be seen on the stage of professional modeling and acting

18-year-old Ronit Raj, who belongs from the smallest district of rajasthan namely Dholpur and currently lives in the Jaipur, is the first and young blogger in the cinema category. Ronit is currently studying in the 11th standard and is a commerce student. For the last 10 months, Ronit writes blogs on film, celebrity and related issues and gives his feedback. Ronit maintains his own blog page in the name of The Cinema Blogs and gives his review there.

According to Ronit this is happens all because of my passion for cinema and exemplary communication skills. While teenagers of his age are still busy in gaming and finding a direction in their lives, Ronit has it all figured out.

Ronit further explained that dreamt of getting into the fields of Bollywood, lifestyle and technology. In keeping with his choice, he also began to write blogs from a very early age. However, what was more important is that Ronit realized his talent and potential early on and thus didn’t lose confidence whenever he faced an obstacle. What was even huge for a teenager like him was that his First blog hit 4k views.

In Teen Age itself, due to its grip and influence on social media and by its hard work and talent, it is attracting the attention of people and is busy illuminating the name of itself and the whole family.

Ronit said that from the very beginning, the open atmosphere in the house and the freedom to choose his likes and dislikes were given me a early stage boost. Apart from writing blogs to share his fashion ideas on his Youtube Channel, Ronit has also modeled for multiple brands in campaigns and digital promotions. They have also indulge in sport activities and won many prizez and trophies.

He further said that famous Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is my idol. I follow them very much, their energetic form and acting method attracts me a lot.

Ronit is also an emerging influencer in this age. Ronit has won rewards, awards, cashbacks, goodies, gift hampers, etc. by tying up with several national and multi-national companies.


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