Revolutionizes the Rajasthani Rap Industry and Marwad's Rap God Sumsa Supari

The famous rapper of the city Jodhpur is known as Sumsa Supari his original name is Sumer ram Khadav and as everyone knows Rajasthan is known for its identity with colorful culture and arts and in it, Jodhpur is known as Blue City. It is known that Streets is colored in blue color and now the songs of Sumsa Supari are playing in the same streets. Sumsa Supari introduced Jodhpur City to the rap song. The rappers of Rajasthan are beating the social issues of the state. One of the biggest names contributing to this industry is Sumer Ram Khadav who is more famous among the public as Sumsa Supari.
To further promote the artist, Sumsa Supari created a platform named Sumsa Supari Films and founder Sumer Ram hails from Nandwan village in Jodhpur district. Sumsa has supported many artists from this platform and made a place in the hearts of millions of people. Having an inherent resemblance to rap songs since childhood, working hard in the fields at day, grew up listening to Honey Singh, Bohemia, Enimen at night.

After years of relentless efforts, Sumer became famous as Ram oof Sumsa Supari and gradually became the name of Marwar's rap god and the journey started with his first song 'Jodhpur Anthem'. The song was released in 2016 and was liked by more than 2 lakh people. Then in 2017, he released another song titled 'Shehar Maharo Jodhpur' on Jodhpur, which spread like fire in Rajasthan, which was viewed more than 1.5 million times digitally, which showed the artist of Rajasthan that someone That can compete with them. At short time, he released hit songs one after the other such as 'Flying Arrow', 'Party Rajasthan Ki' etc songs rocked the entire Rajasthani industry.
After Desi Love and Party Song released a song from Sumsa that made a special place in the hearts of the people and that song was 'Sanskriti', in which Sumsa made the people aware of the culture with a very heavy rap. In these days, no one can beat Sumsa after hits songs like Jat Anthem and Kajalio told Rajasthan of these two songs in Rajasthan. Sumsa is recognized by the hit songs, as well as in Rajasthan's oldest YouTube channel, Sumsa's name also comes. There were many ups and downs in the journey of 10 years, but the love that Sumsa got was nothing in front of the journey. The journey made an ordinary farmer child Sumer Ram Khadva from Nandwan village to Sumsa Supari.

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