Musical Debut from Rajasthani Marudhara - Him Malvi


The people of India are going to win with this song.

Soon the whole song will be in front of you.

Jaipur - The first Rajasthani song of Him Malvi of Pali district of Rajasthan is coming very soon. Him Malvi has told that the recording of the song has been done in my studio HM Recorders. The song's music arranges, music compositions, mixing mastering has been done in Kolkata. The music master is DJ Ayash. The lyrics and lyrics of the song have been done by Rajasthani folk singer Shreya Paliwal. In the song, Vishal Nair, the Aziz friend of the rap part Him Malvi, has lent his voice. Him Malvi has told that shooting Rajasthani songs is done by Balaji Films director Ramesh Gehlot, DOP is Devendra Parmar and there is a whole team of Balaji Films who have worked hard to make this song good. The song is shot professionally. Him Malvi told that I have shot this song in Rajasthan because I was born in Pali and I cannot forget my land of birth, so I thought that I should do my first musical in Rajasthani debut from Rajasthan itself. I have my entire team with me who always support me and thank them Sidd Malvi, Surya Malaviya, Rakesh Sharma, Sunil Vaishnav, Kailash Chaudhary, Mukesh Chaudhary etc.


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