Lakshya Sharma a Digital Marketing & Social Media Expert

Jaipur. Lakshya Sharma is an entrepreneur, digital marketing, and social media expert, consultant with qualified masters in Digital Marketing.  Lakshya started his career at the age of 12 as an SEO executive and carries about 9 years of Industry experience.
He believes in enjoying life rather than working just to survive. He always dreamed big, strived for greatness, and deeply cared about people. His passionate spirit is evident by his attitude toward his work. His love for work and will to succeed proves him a true digital marketer.
Digital Marketing is not just a field to work for him, It is a completely different planet in which He breathes, He plays, He rocks, and succeeds.
He is born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Since childhood, He is fascinated by digital(Omnichannel) platform and have been studying and practicing the art of Content Strategy, Paid Search Advertising, SEO,  Web Analytics, and other marketing fundamentals.
Lakshya Sharma has worked with hundreds of clients and has proven his love & passion for digital marketing as verified hike in-terms of impressions/engagement/footfalls/conversions/leads for businesses.  His dedication & passion for work brought him into the eyes of many political leaders & parties, news & media organizations, eCommerce industries and etc, for whom he has also proved his skills and has been considered as the strongest & the most accurate link of the organization.
His contribution to each industry he worked is been counted remarkable always.

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