I Always Loved Rajasthani Folk Music, says Rajasthani Singer and Musician Kapil Jangir

Banni song fame singer and musician Kapil Jangir has been getting in touch with his roots — he has been in Rajasthan lately. Shooting around Jaipur for his latest Rajasthani number, Kapil is digging into delicious food and soaking in the spirit of music.


I love Rajasthani fusion; I have been into fusion music big-time. I always thought I was not a big foodie despite being a Rajasthani.


I started early and distinctly recall my first competition. Being trained in both classical and western music, it’s a blend that works best for me.

Music Today:

Well, it’s true that, thanks to technology, today anyone can sing and produce music beats. But the true test comes when one’s got to sing live on stage or say in interviews where one doesn’t have instrumental support. That sifts a true musician from others.

I am basically a Rajasthani who grew up in Jaipur. I divide my time between Mumbai and Jaipur now. One typical Rajasthani thing people notice about me is the excessive use of the word hanji by me. I had recorded my first Rajasthani number, Banni, with Komal Kanwar Amrawat. I love Rajasthani music, but really brushed up my skills for this song.  

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